On the First Day of Weasel

On the First Day of Weasel

Workout Date:





Cubby, Viagra, Enron, Burgundy

The Thang:

Conditions: 72 and actually halfway decent out.

COP:  Quick Warm Up

TTT x 15 IC, Merkins 10 OYO, SSH x 20 IC, LBAC 15 IC Forward, LBAC 15 IC Rear, OHC x 15 IC

Real quick 1/2 warmup  and mosey over to the yoga mat in the park to continue “warming” up.

BigBoys x 20 OYO, LBC’s x 15 IC, Cindy Crawford’s x 15 IC, Lunge Walk 20yds

Mosey again to parking deck…


1st Floor- Partner runs up ramp backwards and complete SSH, Then run backwards back down while partner completes Squats AMRAP X 5 Rounds.

2nd Floor- Partner Bear crawls up ramp and completes Merkin, then jogs back down while partner completes Big Boys AMRAP X 4 Rounds.

3rd Floor- Partner Lunges up ramp and completes Squat then Lunges back down while partner holds wall chair X 3 Rounds.

After this we only had about 5 mins until time so we mosey’d back to start and BOOM Time.

Excellent small beat down that timed out very well.


Announcements- FREED TO BLEED, Enron mentioned about community service doing landscape cleanup for single moms and those in need

Burgundy prayed us out.

I enjoy getting out and leading the men.  I highly recommend coming out and visiting the boys in TIMESHARE.

Were working on EH’ing some FNG’s, if you know people up this way send em over and we’ll take care of them.

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