Only Takes Two

Only Takes Two

Workout Date:





Chicken Little, Viagra (QIC)

The Thang:

Conditions – Low 70’s somewhat humid.

I rolled in around 10 after 5 to find Chicken Little there.  Come to find out he was watching some obscure YouTube video on his phone.  Something about going down a rabbit hole. LOL.. Not sure where the rest of our local pax are.  (hint-Fartsacking)

We stretched as a NMB employee was using a blower to clear the streets making lots of noise.  We mosied to Ocn Blvd where we continued some stretching and little baby arm circles.

Off to the Avista parking deck.  On the way we stopped at the corner of 2nd ave. and Ocn Blvd for 13 Merkins in honor or our vets that were killed in Afghanistan due to the poor leadership of our government.  This idea was brought to us Tuesday by  Onecall and Bling during their Old School Tour Day 6.   Then off to the Avista parking deck for the main event.

We did different exercises on each level increasing the reps by 10 each floor.  It went as follows:

Level 1 10 Merkins

Level 2 20 BB situps

Level 3 30 Jump Squats

Level 4 40 CDD’s

Level 5 50 LBC’s

Level 6 60 Flutter Kicks

Level 7 70 Air presses while doing wall sit

Level 8 80 Imperial Walkers

So going back down we reversed all this till we reached the bottom.

Time was closing so we started our journey back.

We arrived back at the AO with a few minutes left for some Mary.

Chicken Little – 20 Hillbillies with a cadence count that only a Hillbilly could come up with. Jeeze.  Viagra – 20 American Hammers,  20 Heals to Heaven


Well 2 of us got better today.  CL prayed us out.

Always a privilege to lead



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