Rain? No Problem!

Rain? No Problem!

Workout Date:





Viagra, Barbie

The Thang:

I was heading down Main St. as it is pouring rain thinking maybe this will be a no show and I’ll just head back to the crib.  As I approach the AO parking lot I’m not seeing any cars and it’s 6:30 ish.  I’m thinking that it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if I didn’t work out this morning.  However, as I approach the lot I spot Barbie’s Jeep.  Surely he’s seen me so I can’t hit the gas. I pull in and we get out of our vehicles and I said, “You had to show up.” Joking of course.  He replied, “I was going to wait another 30 seconds.”  Think we’ve all had these moments.  No one had signed up to Q so I did my off the cuff wing Q.

It was pouring rain so we mosey’d down the street to the Nathans hot dog restaurant covered front porch.  I’m sure they wouldn’t mind.

20 IW’s IC, 20 TTT IC, 20 Windmills IC, 5 Burpees OYO, 15 LBAC’s IC, 15 Reverse IC

Mosey to parking deck on Ocean Blvd.

Ground floor – 10 Burpees

1st level – 20 Merkins

2nd level – 30 BB Sit-ups

3rd level – 40 LBC’s

4th level – 50 FK’s

5th level – 60 Squats

Top level (rain has let up at this point) 70 Air presses while in peoples chair.

Back down and duplicate exercises on each floor on the way down.

Mosey to OD parking lot to do some 11’s

Grab wall and do 1 dip, 10 step ups, 2 – 9 and so on.

Starting to rain again so we went behind OD arcade where there is a covered area with picnic tables.

one more round of 11’s

1 BB situp, 10 Derkins, 2 BB – 9 Derkins and so on.

Time is about up so we mosied back to AO

Just enough time for 5 Burpees OYO.  Always enough time for 5 Burpees :-\

Time. Barbie prayed us out.

Got better today despite the rain.  Fun to lead as always…


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