Timeshare 2/24

Timeshare 2/24

Workout Date:





Viagra(QIC), Cubby

The Thang:

Looks like Cubby and I are the only non-fartsackers this Sat. with the exception of Beaker who is down range for a few Sat.’s

These are all IC. 20 IW’s. 20 TTT, 20 Windmills, 20 LBAC’s, 20 OHC’s, 20 LBAC’s reverse

Mosey to the park.

11’s  1 Derkin, 10 BB sit ups. 2 Derkin 9. you get the picture.

Mosey to the swing set or (Yoga Mat) as we call it.

11’s  1 LBC, 10 pull ups on parallel bars. 2 LBC’s 9 pull ups and so on.

Mosey to Ocn Blvd  Parking Deck.

1st level 10 Burpees

2nd level 20 BB situps

3rd level 30 Merkins

4th level 40 LBC’s

5th level 50  Squats

6th level 60 FK’s

Worked our way back down doing same each level.

Mosey to Horseshoe Mn St.

Dora 50 Merkins, 100 squats, 150 Lunges

Run to beach while partner does reps then alternate.

Time was up before Lunges.  Time fly’s when you’re having fun :-/

Good work Cubby.



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