Timeshare Lazy Dora with Holiday Cheer

Timeshare Lazy Dora with Holiday Cheer

Workout Date:





Beaker, Cubby, Burgundy, KaPow, Viagra

The Thang:

Temp – upper 30s. 5:15 Burgundy rolls in with his usual barely on time fashion.  Disclaimer given.  F3 Mission statement given.

20 SSH IC, 20 IW’s IC, 20 TTT IC, LBAC’s forward,backward,Seal claps. 15 of each.

Lots of chatter going on as we mosey to the park.  Destination “Yoga Mat”

Holiday Cheer is in the air as the park has 3 huge trees brightly illuminated along with other assorted lighted fixtures.

Lazy Dora, which means NO running.  Our group knows I’m not know for my endurance runs.

100 Merkins – 1 pax does 10 while partner holds plank. Alternating until all reps are completed.

200 LBC’s 1 pax holds 6 inches while pax 2 does 20 lbc’s. Chatter beginning to become nonexistent.

300 Squats – 1 pax holds Al Gore while 2 does 25 squats.  Alternate until all are complete.

Mosey to pull up bars.

1 pax does 10 pull ups while 2 does BB sit ups. alternate for 3 sets

Mosey to Fountain

7’s Dips and Step ups.

While some of us were holding plank, on the wall I thought, Hey lets circle around the fountain holding incline while each pax bear crawls under the entire group.

We did this until everyone executed 2 cycles.  Not sure if this is a declared exercise but we deemed it “Indian Bear Crawl Tunnel of Love, LOL

Mosey back to AO

We had some time left so figured, Lets do ascending Burpees on every other line in the parking lot.  So Kapow deemed it necessary to do every line so we increased count every line.

Real crowd pleaser. Think we made it through 6 or 7 lines.

Mary. Few minutes left so we did 20 FK’s IC, 20 Freddie Mercury’s IC

Time.  Always fun to lead.  Until next time…..




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