Timeshare Tour of NMB

Timeshare Tour of NMB

Workout Date:





Beaker, Cubby, Barbie, KaPow, Hungry Man, Manwich, SharkNato, Enron, Weazle, Viagra (QIC)

The Thang:

I arrived at 6:25.  Already a respectable showing considering it was around 32Degrees. At about 6:29 a Clown car with Kapow, Hungry Man, and Manwich roll in.  Wow! is this really Timeshare?

Weazle rolls in right at 6:30.  If Bling reads this he’ll be like, What? 10 people and I come up there on Tuesday and have an intimate workout with Kapow.  Sorry but when you stay up late to watch the Tigers Steam Roll the Tide it’s tough to crawl out with 4 hours of sleep.  I tried with no success.

25 SSH’s IC, 20 TTT IC, 20 Windmills IC, 25 IW’s IC, 10 Merkins OYO

Mosey to the Tennis Courts at the park.

4 Corners

1st round 10 Merkins, 10 CDD’s,10 Wide Arm Merkins,10 Diamond Merkins

Rinse and repeat

2nd round 10 Squats, 10 Sumo Squats, 10 Prisoner squats, 10 Lunges- 5 each leg

Rinse and repeat

3rd round 10 LBCs, 10 BBSU’s, 10 2 count FK’s, 10 Turkish getups. (Why don’t Turkish people just use 2 hands?)

Mosey to Ball field

Pax Choice.  1 pax calls exercise then runs lap while rest of pax execute his choice.

Assorted exercises included Burpees, Merkins, Alternating shoulder taps, IW’s, SSH’s and my memory is not as good as it once was so i forget all of them. Whatever.

Mosey to parking deck on Ocn. Blvrd.

Run up each level.  Level 1 10 Burpees, 2 – 20 Merkins, 3 – 20 BBSU’s, 4 – 40 FK’s, 5 – 50 Squats, 6 – 60 SSH’s

Run down the stairs and then mosey to beach.

Quick little mini Dora. 50 American Hammers while alternating with partner running to shoreline.

Indian Run down the beach back to Horshoe at O.D.

We had a little time so we did 7’s (Dips and Decline Merkins running back and forth to wall on either side of parking lot.

Mary – 20 Freddie Mercury IC,  20 Pretzel crunches 10 each leg,

Mosey back to AO.

Prayers for Weazels mother who is about to start Cancer Treatment

It is so great to see such turnout at Timeshare as we struggle a bit in off season,  Slowly but surely we are growing.  Always fun to lead this group. Until next time…


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