Timeshare Tour

Timeshare Tour

Workout Date:





Viagra, Burgandy, Beaker

The Thang:

Coined Beaker stating, during 1st set of 4 pain stations as we began with 50 burpees, “This seems like something from @pattymayo’s pain list, or something or other. Actually stolen & modified @OneCall backblast is where it all began.

Thingy: Complete each round as fast as possible within 30 secondsĀ ( Ex: quicker you burpee the longer you rest)


Exercise 1

Mosey on down to the horseshoe to begin what seemed as harmless but produced a lot of groans

5 burpees in under 30 seconds for a set of 10, remaining time rest which equalled less than 10 sec rest, more groaning

All in all 50 burpees for the warm up!

Exercise 2

Next pit stop for a nice rinse off at the nearby beach access latrine

5 hand release merkins

5 LBC’s

5 air squats

Not much rest here as well…. Onward….



Exercise 3

Moseyed on to the parking garage to shed more tears for a 10 count of…..

2 burpees

2 turkish get ups 1 each side

hold al gore as a little rest for the weary

Exercise 4

Run back to where it all began…

5 diamond merkins

sprint to opposite parking lot wall

5 BBSU’s

rinse repeat for a 10 count

A form of Mosey back to the AO

All arrived safely for COT

Count a rama = 4

Prayer for florida school victims



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