TimeSharing is Caring

TimeSharing is Caring

Workout Date:





Viagra, Barbie, Kapow, Drama Queen (Winston-Salem)

The Thang:

0529—Disclaimer given and pleasantries are made as YHC had not met a few of the PAX

0530—Let’s go!


SSH x 25 (IC)

Windmills x 10 (IC)

Dippy Birds x 10 each leg (IC)

Arm circles x 10 each flavor (IC)—small forward, small backwards, OH clap, big forward, big backwards, & seal clap

10 Burpees OYO—penalty for no shovel flag present


Head to find some coupons which leads YHC to note more coupons may need to be on this AO’s Christmas wish list.


Capri lap Indian run around parking lot by 1st and Ocean



The PAX were introduced to a version of “5 more.”  All had a coupon varying in size.  An exercise was given and counted by YHC x 5 (IC).  Then we went around the horn until all had called 5 more (IC) for a total of 25 (IC).  We continue to go around a second time around the PAX had the opportunity to call “stop.”  Then we mosey to the length of the parking lot to Ocean boulevard for an exercise without the coupon.  Repeato…

It’s up to the PAX present on how hard we work and it’s obvious no one generally wants to be the one to do so, which ultimately means we push each other harder.

Coupon Exercises—Curls, SkullCrushers, Squats, Prone Block presses, Al Gore squat holds, Block rows, and Sidewinders

Exercises Sans coupon—Merkins, BB sit ups, Alternating shoulder taps, Monkey humpers, Pretzel crunches, Pistol Squats, and Low Flutters


Return the coupon and head back to the Launchpad



Sprinkled throughout the workout.



YHC referenced #ISI as he generally sees this on tweets from the GS group and no doubt did we make each other stronger.  I also shared how the past weekend we participated in a relay run around Lake Norman back home, and how we had many PAx that were not runners push themselves for months to get ready.  Not only and I so proud of those that stepped out of their comfort zone, but even of those that are runners and how supportive they were of the others.

Verse shared…

Job 37:5-6

“God’s voice thunders in marvelous ways; he does great things beyond our understandiung.  He says tot he snow, ‘Fall on the earth,’ and to the rain shower, ‘Be a mighty downpour.'”


Prayer out



-No doubt another example of #ISI is HC’ing to Q on vacation.  Not sure YHC would have posted otherwise:-)

-The PAX seemed to like the “No shovel flag” burpee penalty so that may start surfacing around.  Beaker may have been deemed the fall guy even though he was DR.

-Drama Queen seemed to be a big fan of 5 more and will hopefully share with the Winston-Salem group sometime.  Glad to have you there.

-Prayers and praises up for brother Barbie and he stills works through the aftermath of the flood, and for adding a 2.2 to the mix recently.

-So glad to be able to lead and be led by this group.







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