15 Minute Abs

15 Minute Abs

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The Thang:

Conditions: Mid 60’s. Solid weather for a summertime workout in Myrtle Beach.

1 minute warning


Warm up (ssh, through the tunnel, wind mill, burpees, and imperial walker)

Mosey to track for 2 laps of an Indian run.

Mosey to mount Myrtle. Ran over the hill and back followed by 5 burpees. We then held plank for 30 seconds. We repeated this with 4, 3, 2, and 1 burpees.

Mosey over to picknic tables for set of 11’s with step ups and dips.

Ab Workout

5 exercises completed “on your own” (American hammers, big boy sit-ups, flutter kicks, Freddy Mercury’s, and heels to heaven) in rounds of 10, 15, 20, and 10. At the end of each set, we held wall sits for 30-60 seconds and finished with merkins in cadence.

Mosey to flag pole for circle of trust

Announcements. There are a lot of upcoming opportunities this Saturday (first mission AO, 3rd F meetup at warthog, and Saturday morning bike ride). 2nd F luncheon at Dagwoods on Wednesday.

Finished the workout by lifting up prayers.

Nice work gentlemen!

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