Extreme Ultimate Frisbee

Extreme Ultimate Frisbee

Workout Date:





Bling, Flash, Flop, Bluegrass, Billboard, Weedeater, Podcast, Bubbles, Kegel (from Anderson), Hoser (YHC)

The Thang:

So Lombardi asked me if I could Q a workout at warthog. Me being the helpful person that I am said no problem I’d love to. YHC was originally assigned to Q on the 20, but then YHC found out he had to go to Columbia for a class that day (surprise, surprise). Thankfully Lombardi was understanding and Geno and I flopped Q’s. So I got another week to plan a Q, cool. However a horrible case of Q block struck me and I just could not come up with anything worthy enough for the men of Warthog. So after jotting down some exercisers on a index card I decided that I better take my frisbee and cones with me just in case.

So YHC arrived at the AO early to join Bling, Flop and Podcast on an early morning 6 mile ruck. After bouncing some ideas off them it was decided that ultimate frisbee seemed like a good call. So after the ruckers returned to the AO and the road mountain bikers came back after doing 12.6 miles, YHC was removed that it was 0702 and we were still just hanging out in the parking lot. Guess I need to knock the rust off of my Qing technique. A negative 3 minute warning was given and we circled up on the soccer/football/lacrosse field.

Disclaimer was given.

Count off by 1’s and 2’s

33 SSH

15 TtT IC and Windmills IC

Light stretching

100 yard jogging to warm the legs up

Then the game started. This was no regular ultimate frisbee. After all this is F3 we do stuff to the max. So today we placed Extreme Ultimate Frisbee. The field was about 100 yard long for 5 on 5, the rules are the same as ultimate frisbee, (thanks to kegel we will be implementing the 3 foot zone and the 3 sec time limit). What makes this extreme says you. Well says I, with every turnover the team that lost control of the frisbee has to do one burpee, and when a team scores they get to choose and exercise that the other team has to do 10 reps of. Luckly everyone was nice and no one called burpees or man makers. We ended up running about 2.5 miles and everyone was tired by the end of the time. Well except for Flash who pulled his hamstring in the first 10 minutes of the game.

Time was called. We circled up for BOM and COT.

This was a fun day and everyone got a lot of work in. It was an honor to lead and sorry you got hurt flash. Prayers for a fast recovery. See everyone next time in the gloom.


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