Gentlemen Start Your Engines

Gentlemen Start Your Engines

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OneCall, Turn-n-Cough, Bubbles, Varsity, Hoser (YHC)

The Thang:

I know this backblast is a week and a half late, but this is the first chance I’ve had to write it.

So now that its February that means two things, Super Bowl and Daytona 500. Bluegrass lead a great pre Super Bowl workout, guess its up to me to do a pre Daytona 500 workout.

5 pax arrived this morning to warmer conditions. The weather was 52ยบ but when we’ve been dealing with temps in the low 30’s well if felt down right balmy this morning.

0530 we circled up and disclaimer was given. All pax in attendance gave verbal confirmation that they understood and agreed to the disclaimer.

COP: we did a light jog around the track to warm up and loosen up. After the lap we spent about 5-10 minutes stretching. We have had a few pax go on IR for muscle strains, pulls, and tears.

The Thang: YHC explained the workout and how it was a Daytona 500 theme. When we were in the pits we did:

  • 25 merkins oyo
  • 25 squats oyo
  • 25 big boy sit ups oyo
  • 25 4ct. flutter kicks IC

We would then run one lap as fast as you could. After each lap we would enter the pits and do the same exercises as listed above.

We did 5 laps and 500 reps.

Before the last lap YHC informed the pax that this was the white flag lap and to leave it all on the track. When the last pax crossed the line YHC told the group that it was a photo finish and that all the pax present had “won”. And when you when a race in Nascar that means one thing, burn outs on the infield. So we went onto the soaking wet soccer field and did a lap of Bermuda Triangle.

After the burn out we circled back up and ended with more stretching, the COT, and BOM.

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