Mountain Climbers Club

Mountain Climbers Club

Workout Date:





Geno, Bubbles, Bling, Lombardi, Humpback, Brown Bag, Headgear, Jackalope (FNG), and Billboard

The Thang:

Conditions: 45 and windy

1 minute warning and disclaimer provided

Warm up: SSH, through the tunnel, moutain climbers, imperial walkers, and hillbillies

Mosey to the picnic tables for a set of 11’s with big boy sit ups and dips.

Mosey to the bridge and lunge walk over the bridge.

Mosey to parking deck for rounds of mountain climbing.

First set: 5 burpees at each “switchback” to the top of the parking deck as a group. Mosey back to the bottom via stairs and grabbed a minute of wall sits followed by flutter kicks and American hammers in cadence.

Second set: Same as the first except substituting merkins for burpees and wall sits for planks.

Third set: 10 jump squats to the top of the parking deck followed by 1 minute of wall sits.

Mosey back to bridge for more flutter kicks, American hammers, and bear crawl to the top of the bridge.

Mosey to start for one set of 22 merkins.

Circle of trust for announcements and prayers. Dragon boat races are coming up on April 27. Warthog needs a Q for this Saturday.

Lifted up prayers and called it a day. Nice work!

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