The Cups Back

The Cups Back

Workout Date:



Flash, hog, billboard, weed eater, Studebaker, screaming eagle, jingles, hooser, Franklin, macho man, bubbles, geno, varsity, Lombardi, and one call



The Thang:

Conditions: Not too bad for a Myrtle Beach summertime workout

One minute warning and disclaimer provided

Warm up (side straddle hops, through the tunnel, windmill, merkins, hillbillies, and imperial walkers)

Main workout – 4-5 exercises from a cup filled with various exercises (burpees, merkins, hand release merkins, Carolina dry docks, flutter kicks, LBCs, squats, squat jumps, and lunges) followed by a lap around the park and 15-25 big sit-ups per round. Each exercise varied from 5-40 reps. We completed four rounds and then completed the remaining exercises in the cup.

We then circled up for a little dealers choice (10 Turkish get ups and a round of down ups)

Circled up for the Circle of Trust for announcements and prayers.

Nice work men!

My apologies for the late post. I could explain, but those statements would be excuses… I learned a long time ago that, “excuses are the nails that built the house of failure”. We don’t need a house that fails, but a community of men that push each other to improve in all of the F’s that make us a part of the F3 nation.

Keep pushing for greatness!


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