5 Weeks and Counting

5 Weeks and Counting

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Bling, Lombardi, Geno, Jingles, Weed Eater, Hoser (YHC)

The Thang:

Weather: 77°, clear skies, nice breeze.

Today was the first day of school, because of that YHC received several requests to end a little early this morning. YHC promised to end at 545 to allow everyone enough time to get home for first day of school pictures.

Despite the fact that school starts today, 6 pax gathered in the gloom around a pick up truck full of sandbags. We are roughly 5 weeks away from the Mog Mile GoRuck event in September. YHC wanted to start increasing our training. Both Bling and OneCall have lead excellent workouts where we have had time hacks with half the pax carrying coupons. This morning we would expand on that.

YHC asked several pax to bring coupons to this mornings beatdown. We had present our flag, our team weight (25#ish trident, for those that have not seen it in all its glory), a 40# sandbag and 3 60#sandbags. YHC explained that the GoRuck standard for a Tough event is 20 minute miles. This mornings objective was to carry all the coupons, team weight and flag 2 laps around the pond (a little over 2 miles in 40 minutes or less). The team leader for this evolution was Lombardi and he was told to lead the group as he would during an event. Thanks to Lombardi’s leadership all the pax were able to dig deep and push hard to not just meet the time hack but destroy it. The pax got to the bridge at 34:15, by the time the weight was organized and rucks stowed the time was 35:45. We then discussed the evolution. We discussed the good things the team lead did and the things that could use a little improvement. YHC then offered some suggestions on what I saw and what I have experienced during events.

The next evolution was 1.5 laps. Objective same as before all coupons, team weight and flag. The team lead was Weed Eater. After completing the first lap we were running short on time. We had to skip the half lap and we moved our way to the cars. We finished the lap at 17:30. We again discussed what Weed Eater did well and what can be improved on.

We then circled up. Counted off and name-o-ramma. YHC closed us out in prayer. Now go out and flood facebook with first day of school pictures.


2nd F lunch today at Dagwoods

Next Wednesday is open at waverucker

Prayer Requests: 

Pray for kids and teachers returning to school today. That we may have a tragedy free year.

Geno gave a praise report about lil nob. He has completed hell week and blew it out of the water.


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