Back Under the Rucks

Back Under the Rucks

Workout Date:





Bling, Valvano, Barclay, Billboard, Hoser (YHC)

The Thang:

Well the men of Waverucker denied that after a week and a half off of resting their sore feetsies, from the Star Course, that it was time to get back under the rucks and get some more good living in.

Weather was warm and humid.

YHC arrived what he thought was easily enough to be the first one at the AO. Imagine my surprise when YHC found Billboard raving out in his truck to EURO/HOUSE/TECHNO what ever you want to call it music. YHC used this time to come up with a WOD just in case the pax weren’t happy with just a recovery ruck.

As the rest of the Pax trickled in, gear was slowly gathered and the only thing that was more prevalent than the humidity was the fact that no one really wanted to their rucks on and get to work. Finally we all manned up and got to rucking.

Luckily for YHC the group was willing to just get some mies in this morning. We took our normal path down the bike trail and through the air force base. We were feeling extra spry apparently this morning and we took a left on Farrow and headed down to War Bird Park. After reaching War Bird Park we turned around and headed back to the AO.

T-Claps to Barclay who did his first ruck this morning. Even though he was hurting near the end he didn’t let that stop him and carried his own ruck the whole way despite several offers from the pax to help carry his ruck.

We finished todays ruck going 5.5 miles in 1 hour 35 minutes.


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