John Glover, unsung Revolutionary War hero

John Glover, unsung Revolutionary War hero

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Bling, Onecall, Boxcar, High Interest, Turn and Caugh, Rousey, Texas Ranger, Hoser (YHC)

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Weather: A beautiful 60° fall day, with a nice layer of fog.

At Waverucker we try to continue to be better Americans everyday. Not just by working out or bodies but also our minds. Most of our work outs pay tribute to fallen warriors, or shine light historical events or people. Today we are shining a light on Col. John Glover. You may not know his know but you might know some of the battles and engagements that he was in.

Col. Glover was born in Salem MA. on November 5th 1732. He was a fisherman and merchant. Glover led a Regiment of men from Marblehead. This regiment was composed almost entirely of seamen, mariners, and fisherman. They would become the 14th Continental Regiment and would be known as the “amphibious regiment” for their nautical skills.

Glover’s Regiment joined the siege of Boston, shortly after the shot heard around the world, it was here that George Washington chartered Clover’s schooner Hannah to raid British supply vessels. It was here that Glover was trusted by Washington to create a Navy. This Navy would be a group of privateers charged with harassing British Shipping.

Fast-forward to  August 1176 and the Battle of Long Island. Washington was trapped by British shoulders were dug in for a siege but, on the night of August 29-30 Col Glover and his men ferried Washington and the Army across the East River from Brooklyn to Manhattan rowing thorough waters made violent by recent rains. This operation started at 2300 and everyone was across at the river at 0700. This included 3,000 men, horses, and artillery pieces.  Not a single person or piece of equipment was lost.

A few months latter Glover helped Washington escape- again. Washington was in retreat from Harlem Hight’s,  British General Howe was trying to land troops as Pell’s Point. Glover then led an attack on General Howe even though he was out numbered. The attack delayed Howe enough to allow Washington to escape.

Glover and his men made one last middle of the night trip. This one was on a cold Christmas night in 1776. Glover ferried Washington’s army across a nearly frozen Delaware River. This allowed Washington to win an important victory at Trenton the next day.

Yesterday was Col. Glovers 287th birthday. To celebrate the men of Waverucker rucked 3 miles with three 60 pound sandbags. At every 1/4 mile we would drop the bags and rucks and do 25 SSH IC. We kept this pattern till we finished doing 275 SSH. At the last 1/4 checkpoint we did 12 SSH IC to total 287. After the SSH Turn had to leave early to get home, the rest of the pax rucked to a playground for the second part of the workout.

After being trusted to establish a Navy. Col Glover commissioned 7 ships. They were:

  1. Hannah (his family’s ship)
  2. Franklin
  3. Hancock
  4. Lynch
  5. Washington
  6. Lee
  7. Harrison

YHC found an exercise for the first letter of each of the 7 ships. The goal was to do 7 reps of each of the 7 exercises and do 7 reps. The ruck took longer than expected and this was not able to be accomplished but the pax were able to complete 1 set. Like we say in the firehouse, its better to have to much than not enough. This is applied to food usually but I think it fits nicely here as well.

  •  Hannah:
    • Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
      • This is a 10 Count exercise with a coupon. Deadlift to your thigh, front lateral raise, pull to chest, press overhead, tricep curl behind head, extend above head, lower to chest, push away from chest, front lateral lower to thigh, deadlift to ground
  • Franklin
    • Flat Tire.
      • This is a wheelbarrow exercise where after every 4  steps the pax does a derkin
  • Hancock
    • Hand Release Merkins
  • Lynch
    • Louganis.
      • This is a BBSU with a coupon held overhead
  • Wahington
    • WMD
      • Wide arm merkins, merkins, diamond merkins
  • Lee
    • Lt. Danger
      • right leg lunge, left leg lunge, squat, merkin
  • Harrison
    • Hatching Butterfly
      • on your six, feet together like a butterfly stretch then do a BBSU.

We returned to the parking lot and closed out our session with BOM.


  • Email blast for CCU Football game (11/30) and Christmas Party coming out today.
  • 2nd F lunch was today. Hope it was good
  • 2nd Anniversary of Catapult is tomorrow (11/7)

Prayer Requests:

  • None spoken during BOM
  • Cheesy asking for prayers for his 8 y/o daughter, Prayer request is in slack mumblechatter if you have not seen it yet.




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