Return to Old School Waverucker

Return to Old School Waverucker

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Flop, Hoser (YHC)

The Thang:

Weather: 45°, Chilly, Calm.

When Waverucker become an official AO this year, attendance at the start was low and slowly crawled up to an average of 6-8 pax. Apparently the last 2 weeks we have reverted back to the Old School ways of Waverrucker. Today saw 2 pax show up and ready to put some work in. In case you were wondering this is a 100% improvement in attendance from last week.

The 2 pax explored the AO to discover some new trails and maybe new routes to start incorporating. We put in 5 miles and had a great conversation.

Prayer Requests: Safe travels for those traveling this week, and a safe holiday for everyone.

Announcements: 1) Football game tomorrow at Waveruck, Time 0700-0800. This event will be 2.0 friendly. 2) I will be out of town next week, so someone will have to step up a lead waverucker.


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