WOD on the move

WOD on the move

Workout Date:





OneCall, Geno, Hoser, Valvano, High Interest, Flop

The Thang:

When our Pathfinder CA and Wave Rucker Q, Hoser, posted that the next Wave Rucker WOD needed a Q, YHC jumped in. I wanted to try a different WOD then what we normally do and this was my chance.  I know thru different AARs that WODs on the move usually included Logs and Coupons but I wanted to simplify that to just using our Rucks.   I think it worked well but we did have a quick Double Time to get back to the COT. There are some things i will change for the next WOD but no complaints from the PAX on this one (that I know of).


Ruck down to corner of the neighborhood.

Rucks on Front


Farmers Carry

COP – Quietly in Cadence as to not wake the FartSackers

LBAC x10

Reverse AC x10

Sun Gods x10

Overhead Claps (quietly) x10

Squats x5 each

Tempo Squat

Reverse Tempo Squat

Regular Squat

Continue down the road toward the Club House

Ruck on Front


Farmer Carry

Stop for another round of Squats

Continue to Club House with assorted carries


At Club House:

Split into 2 groups of 3

Partner 1 takes 2 Rucks and Farmer Carries down to end of parking lot.  Leaves Rucks and jogs back

Partner 2 does AMRAP Merkins

Partner 3 has Ruck and with Ruck Overhead does AMRAP Squats

When Partner 1 is back he becomes Partner 3, 3 becomes 2 and 2 becomes 1 (1 jogs down to retrieve Rucks)

Rinse and Repeat

13 minute Time Hack to get back to COT – Double Time needed for the last several hundred yards to be on time.



  • Finally starting to cool off.  Humidity wasn’t as bad as it has been.  Must be signaling the signs of fall.
  • Good thing High Interest had time for Elvis between the Pre Ruck and the WOD.  Also good the Geno made it through without needing Elvis.  Those squats definitely put the pressure on.
  • Thanks to the front of the pack who took us thru the jungle and swamp on the Pre Ruck.  Good times.
  • Good work on getting back to the COT.  We spent a little too long getting to the Club House.  Will need to improve that for next time but the PAX handled it with class.

Enjoy Rucking!


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