1% Better, You v. You, Leave no man behind…all those things!

1% Better, You v. You, Leave no man behind…all those things!

Workout Date:





Boxcar, Jingles (RESPECT), Skimmer (RESPECT), Brown Bag (RESPECT), First Base, Judge Judy, Rubber, Spork, Beefsteak, Megaladon (2.0), Quaker (RESPECT), Cross Stitch, Billy Blanks (2.0), Spinal Tap, ERC, Elmers (RESPECT), Flop (breakfast only), Sade, Tiny Dancer, Candy Cane left to run, Waldo (dog) was with the runners, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

Springlike in the 60’s

Poor Valvano is sick.  So he reached out for a substitute and since I was planning to join him anyway, I helped a Brother out and took the Q.  We agreed to keep it secret to surprise the PAX!  Great numbers showed!!  Expecting an #EasyDay from Valvano I am sure.  In fact, the 3 that left to run were heard saying….”man, figured we’d stay for Valvano’s easy Q…let’s get out of here before we get crushed by OneCall!”  Or something like that.  Anyhow, just a great day to be out there pushing hard and getting better.  Got in some pre-running with Boxcar and Jingles (who had a huge farewell tour when he moved away, got guys to help him pack and move and everything….THREE days ago..back already!!!) for 1.25 miles.   The real pre-running was done by a slew of guys (forgive me if I miss anyone) – Quaker, Cross Stitch, Billy Blanks, Brown Bag, ERC, Sade, Tiny Dancer, Candy Cane, and Waldo – who went from Early Riser to the AO with a loop for 4.1 miles! Guys continued to roll in, being rounded at at around 0608 by Spork!

1 minute warning.

SSH x 20 IC
IW x 15 IC
Merkins x 10 IC
Tempo Squats x 15 IC
Little stretching to loosen up
Buy in – the F3 Mission – perfect recitation by Quaker
Hold arms out the whole time
LBACs fwd x15 IC
5 core principles – nailed quickly by all
Bkwd x 15 IC
Credo nailed, so no more shoulder blasting with these guys crushing all the F3 knowledge!
Mosey long way around church and full parking lot to get to bleachers

Partner up
P1 wall sit while P2 ran around baseball field

DORA – keep your partner
300 step ups as a team.  Count each leg.
P1 reps. P2 runs around baseball field

Keep the legs burning – lunge walk around the announcer building
On other side, 20 jump squats
Finish Lunge walking back to starting point

Give the lungs a breather
Lazy Dora
100 merkins while partner planks
Sets of 10 each
100 4 count flutters while partner holds 6″
Sets of 10 each
100 CDD’s while partner planks
Sets of 10 each

Recovery lap around baseball field

Lots of talk of upper body burnout…so we went back to legs
10 Bulgarian split squats each leg
Lunge walk around the announcer building
On other side, 20 jump squats
Finish Lunge walking back to starting point
10 more Bulgarian split squats each leg

Mosey to the large parking lot
Set of 11’s
1 diamond merkin.  Run across.  10 prisoner squats.
Run back.  2/9.  Etc.  Until done. True You versus You!

We had time for a little race…I made the self proclaimed “fast runners” loop the whole parking lot then through the baseball fields and to the flag while the self proclaimed “slow runners” skipped the parking lot to run shorter distance.  Said there may be rewards and/or punishments if the slow runners were caught!  May have been some cheating by YHC.  All pushed hard and it was a solid mix of guys coming in….so we were all rewarded with 22 Merkins as a group!  #22Kills

My watch registered 4 miles – so with the 1.25 off…seemed like a 2.75 mile bootcamp plus all the fun exercises!  Great day!


Count-O-Rama – 17 at beatdown, 3 more ran to AO and back to Early Riser, 1 dog, and 1 guy at breakfast!  I call that 21
Praise reports for National Honor Society inductees – Brown Bag’s daughter and Quaker’s daughter too!
Prayer requests unspoken


– This was a great workout.  Definitely better than whatever Valvano had planned.  Probably not as much fun as Rousey at WH with a gun disarm and a tickle fight lesson.
– Spent our “10-counts” talking about good form and picking up the 6 and you versus you and 1% better and all the other things that make F3 work, that make it great, and that make it awesome to be out there with our Brothers!!!
– Really strong work by all these men and it was a blast being out there!  I am beat.

– F3GrandStrand Annual Christmas party TONIGHT at Waterway Palms Clubhouse – 6PM
– Ugly Christmas sweater convergence in Conway on December 18 – 0600 start.  Coffeeteria onsite provided by our hosts


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