BackBlast A Return to Normalcy

A Return to Normalcy

The normal climate has returned to the Grand Strand Region. At least for a little bit, and the 7 pax that showed up this morning took full advantage of it. With the 63 degree morning it allowed pax to to pull out thier shorts and t-shirts and shed the 10 pounds of extra clothes that …

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BackBlast Flip the Script

Flip the Script

AO: Hulkamania Everywhere Conditions: 65 degrees, sunny, calm After a 4 hr Ruck it was time for P200 training. Earlier in the week, Hamburglar & YHC sent out an invitation to all PAX who had signed up for GrowRuck training to join our run. The plan was to complete the GrowRuck and then see how …

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BackBlast Faster with a Headwind??

Faster with a Headwind??

AO: Hulkamania/BombSquad Conditions: Cloudy, 60 Degrees, steady 10mph wind It was 70 degrees and sunny today; a perfect day for doing almost anything, especially taking an evening run. YHC thought an evening run on such a day would be an easy sale, so I threw out a text to the P200 gang and tweeted it …

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BackBlast Catapult 2nd AOQ Handoff

Catapult 2nd AOQ Handoff

AO Catapult Conditions: 50’s and perfect I can’t believe a year has gone by and it’s time to pass on the AOQ torch to what has turned out to be my partner in crime at Catapult, O’douls. When I’m dedicated to something and passionate about, I swing and swing hard at it. My passion for …

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BackBlast Almost Birthday Q!!

Almost Birthday Q!!

I just want to say I appreciate and am thankful for F3 and all my brothers some of whom I knew before but most would have possibly never met.  I appreciate all of you for the friendship, strength, fun, accountability you have given me through the years 💪😎 It is/was an honor to lead today!! …

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BackBlast SafeHouse Fast and Slow

SafeHouse Fast and Slow

Conditions: 40s and cool in the garage   COP SSH IW Hillbillies 22 Merkins TTT Tempo Squats 5 Slurpees Dynamic Total Body Mobility routine   Part 1 (Fast) YHC has been doing this Fit Test periodically for 7 years now. The idea is in 20 minutes to get through 100 reps of burpees, squats, merkins …

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BackBlast First Waverucker Q

First Waverucker Q

I was at the Warhog Qed by Wolverine a few weeks ago and Hoser asked if I wanted to Q waverucker. I hadn’t thought about it, I mostly have trouble getting through the workout, but I said sure. It is the last ruck before Valvano makes everyone quit rucking on the 27th so why not. …

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BackBlast Little Bit of Everything

Little Bit of Everything

YHC has been MIA since before Thanksgiving (only 3 Posts) due to a knee injury turned to slackness. Long enough to gain 10 pounds! Thanks to Pikachu for the EH to get me back on site. Iron Sharpens Iron!   WARMUP 20 WindMILLS – (iC) 15 LBAC’s (IC) Forward 15 LBAC’s (IC) Reverse 10 CHERRY …

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BackBlast White Lines Goin’ Through My Mind

White Lines Goin’ Through My Mind

AO: BombSquad Conditions: 37 degrees, calm, possible rain? Took over the Q from Humpback last evening and immediately began crafting a Weinke. It was BIG Monday (The last BIG Monday of February) and YHC didn’t want to disappoint the PAX with a Vanilla [Ice] Beatdown. I like doing different things when I’m on Q, so …

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BackBlast Afternoon Delight & Other Guilty Pleasures

Afternoon Delight & Other Guilty Pleasures

AO: Hulkamania Conditions: Sunny, 37 degrees or was it 47 degrees?? YHC got tricked into running a 2nd time on Sunday. It all started with a text from our wayward morning Pax, Sunshine, at around 2:40 pm. I think he was feeling guilty for sleeping in this morning, but who am I to judge? Sunshine …

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