BackBlast Doin’ Work

Doin’ Work

Conditions: Warm, Muggy, windless. YHC got up a bit early with pallets loaded in truck, courtesy of Handy Manny, and arrived at the AO just in time to see two PAX (billboard and Weedeater) finishing their 10-15 mile salty gears ride.  Evidence of One Call somewhere in the vicinity but no where to be …

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BackBlast Ignore what’s in the truck! Do you hear the ALARM?

Ignore what’s in the truck! Do you hear the ALARM?

Conditions: Warm and Muggy.  YHC arrived at the AO and Beefsteak already had the gate open (amazing service).  Vitamin D arrived with me and we were followed quickly by Radar.  Intros were quickly made with Radar and ERC rolls in at 1 min warning.  As we all prepare for the beatdown awaiting ERC to join …

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BackBlast Running in Circles

Running in Circles

AO: Hulkamania Conditions: 79 degrees, Humid, Intermittent Rain As the lighting flashed off in the distance, YHC arrived at the AO and began gearing up for today’s imminent run. Will it rain or will the rain hold off? It didn’t really matter, it would be a wet one either way due to the humidity! Beefsteak …

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BackBlast Invictus – Catapult

Invictus – Catapult

AO: Catapult Conditions 79 still Muggy Arrived early, set up and as I finished in rode Texas Ranger closely followed by Picachu and O’Douls.  Rocky Top was a last minute addition and glad to have him.  I missed an invite for an FNG he seems to be DR on VACATION so will hit him up …

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BackBlast Change of Plans

Change of Plans

AO #Catapult, Another beautiful humid morning waiting for us to crush a workout. I showed up @ 5:15 because I don’t like being the last person on my day to Q, or even the next to last. Waiting in my truck to keep cool and hydrate cause the heat all day is brutal. It’s now …

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AO: Hulkamania Conditions: 78, fair YHC arrived at Hulkamania to find Flyover, El Red Cardo (aka: El Run Cardio), Skimmer, and Skidmark stretching and chatting in the parking lot. Then Vitamin D arrived, but where was High Interest? Maybe he was DR with Hottub. #Doubtful. Maybe the #TheSandman shanghai’d him for the last two mornings! …

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BackBlast Iron Pax Preview

Iron Pax Preview

AO: Bombsquad Big Monday always needs a great beatdown, so the pressure was on to find something challenging for the beasts that come out to Bombsquad. I was racking my brain all day on Sunday and couldn’t come up with anything. So I hit up twitter for some potential inspiration. Saw a lot of posts …

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BackBlast The TEXAS RANGER workout

The TEXAS RANGER workout

AO: Catapult This is why Quaker always says to write the dang BB as soon as possible. Cobains for not getting this out sooner, I’ve slept since Thursday, but will do my best to remember what all happened! Pretty sure that I gave a 1 minute warning as Single Barrel, Pikachu, and O’Doul’s (the typical …

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BackBlast Surprise Blocks!!!

Surprise Blocks!!!

AO: Warthog Conditions: HOT. Temp only said 80 but with 93% humidity, it was a scorcher. It’s a Saturday at Warthog so there is always a lot of activity here.  WaveRucker, Salty Gears, JudeeChop and the occasional pre-run…mini-marathon is around the corner so expect more of these pre-runs.  YHC rolled up to the parking lot …

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BackBlast Judeechop – S3 – #6

Judeechop – S3 – #6

Conditions: High 80s – SC humidity in full force! With 2 recent active shooter (with mass casualty) events rocking the nation, YHC/QIC thought it would be timely to begin wrapping up the #Judeechop (#JC) season (only 2 more sessions) with a weapon defense & disarm (WDD) focus along with informal active shooter Q&A. Quick disclaimer with extra emphasis on …

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