BackBlast No Hairy Rockettes

No Hairy Rockettes

Conditions: We are at the sweet part of the seasons, enjoying morning in the 60s. Beefsteak asked a number of Catapult regulars to take a Q at Bombsquad in September to shake things up a bit and jumped at the opportunity to take the lead outside of Catapult. Since it’s supposed to be a Big …

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BackBlast That playlist…

That playlist…

Weather was perfect. Nice and cool. After a 2.5 mile runfest courtesy of Hot Tub the day before — I decided a full-body workout was needed. Some coupons, some cardio, and some stairs. First up — an indian run around the track at #theplank. Then straight to the coupon pile… circled up on the glorious …

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BackBlast BBB


Conditions: Low 60s, slightly chilly, and gloomy.  No SC humidity tho — we’ll take that! YHC (QIC) turn to lead the #HIM of #BombSquad (BS) this morning.  BS is a YHC’s original AO where he started his F3 journey… and after 4.5 years its undoubtedly one of the best decisions he made — thanks for …

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BackBlast 1978


Conditions: perfectly agreeable in the upper 60s. Grounds were still wet from all the recent rain, but no giant puddles to navigate. Had decided after Hedgehog’s Birthday Q subjected us to the God-forsaken music of 1981 that I’d build mine around some musical Dora with tunes from 1978. COP Hairy Rockettes Tempo Squats Imperial Walkers …

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BackBlast Rainy Blocks

Rainy Blocks

AO: Catapult PAX: 11 Conditions:  75 degrees, rain half way through YHC arrived early to go through game plan. Our fearless leader (AOQ), O’douls, showed up followed by a suburban packed filled of The Oyster PAX. Came out to support a FNG that lives close to the AO. Awesome. Looked like we were going to …

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BackBlast Legs


Conditions 80 and humid as heck Hoser had the Q.  But was considered “close contact” last week so decided to “self-isolate” (i.e., binge watch The Golden Girls on Hulu).  So YHC took it.  Had a plan.  Plan destroyed based on low numbers as Fergie is MIA, Jingles hasn’t made it back yet, 1% chance of …

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BackBlast Nut to Chin Curls

Nut to Chin Curls

AO: Bombsquad Conditions: Humidy, what else. It’s summer in MB for another few months Realized mid week I had to Q on Saturday. I always look forward to getting my weekend started off right. Kick ass beatdown and some food with some fellowship with your F3 Brothers. One Minute Warning Proper Disclaimer and Mission Statement …

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BackBlast Rucking for 3

Rucking for 3

Weather- Humid, Muggy The Edge!!! My first Q at the new AO.  Super excited.  After a brutal weekend of workouts (8K and AOQ handover at Timeshare, IPC Wk 2 at the Plank on sunday) I decided to keep the trend going and get out of the fartsack for Monday.  Nothing too exciting this go around, …

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BackBlast Exploring Del Webb

Exploring Del Webb

1 minute warning Disclaimer given Start at the picnic tables for 50 step ups (25 each leg) as a warm up before heading up and over the bridge. As we approached the top, we all commented on the beautiful well-lit path running along the ICW behind the new Del Webb development, so YHC called an …

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BackBlast Big Cadence Monday

Big Cadence Monday

Conditions– Mid 70s and humid Soooo… rewind to 8:45pm last night when I logged into Slack and saw I was on Q this morning at Bombsquad. The conversation slipped my mind I had late last month with Beefsteak. It’s all good- keeps me accountable and out in the gloom on a Monday to start the …

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