BackBlast 19 years later – 9/11 – #NeverForget

19 years later – 9/11 – #NeverForget

YHC always tries to take the Q for 9/11 to honor those that lost their lives and those that sacrificed everything, as well as to make sure that we all #NeverForget this incident.  And my basic Backblast information is the same, but with new PAX and all, it needs to be said!  And it never …

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BackBlast Deck of Death

Deck of Death

Welcome to the Safehouse!  No Corona here… Hopefully!   It was YHC turn to Q and I have been playing lots of card game with the 2.0s since the quarantine started.  YHC has been to lots of Deck of Death workouts but never as Q.   Conditions: 80 and stale humid air in the dirty …

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BackBlast The Safehouse

The Safehouse

Conditions: Post hurricane weather – calm, wet, but all of us were inside/sheltered for the most part.  Workout was Qd via Virtual AO “The Safehouse” (#SH). Due to a strict COVID19 prevention posture at YHC’s workplace, YHC along with some other veteran Pax in similar situations decided to relaunch the VAO-VWOD concept as a workout …

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BackBlast #ElevationMonday – NEW AO!!!! Launching September 16, 2019

#ElevationMonday – NEW AO!!!! Launching September 16, 2019

NEW OFFICIAL AO!!!  #ElevationMonday Men!  Most of you have seen the tweets and/or seen the blood, sweat, and tears coming out the gloom on Mondays for several months.  Well, here’s a little back story.  Ruckers were training for the 50 mile GORUCK star course in Charlotte.  What does Charlotte have that MB doesn’t?  Hills!!!  So …

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Region News New AO SandBlox

New AO SandBlox

This is to announce a new AO!!! AOQ’s – Billboard & Flash New AO name – SandBlox Location: Between Tropical Seas and the Crown Reef Hotels (Public Parking at 29th Ave South Beach access, MB) Day/Time: Mondays – 5:15 am until 6:15 am (1 hour!!!) – STARTS MONDAY, JUNE 3, 2019 Description: Full body exercises …

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BombSquad JudeeChop Anyone!?!?

JudeeChop Anyone!?!?

Q: Rousey, with help from Ninja-in-training Podcast. Who: All PAX – all fitness levels – no experience necessary. When: Saturday mornings (only) relaunching 6/8 at Warthog 6am – 7am with sessions throughout the summer ending early September. Schedule is generally as follows: 1st and 3rd Saturday of the Month: JudeeChop/JC will be held at Warthog …

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Catapult got Catapult?

got Catapult?

The region’s newest AO – The Catapult – is well underway with a core group of quality guys who were either a little banged up, once-regulars, or want a place to work out at a lighter pace to call their own. Whatever the reason, the Catapult – the name suggesting to take a step of …

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Region News March Madness Q versus Q

March Madness Q versus Q

What: A competition to determine the best Q at each AO and crown the first Q of the year for F3 GrandStrand Who: The first 8 GrandStrand PAX per AO that sign up. There will be a maximum of 40 PAX. When: During regularly scheduled bootcamps during the month of March for the opening round …

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BackBlast Inaugural Q Source #Disruption

Inaugural Q Source #Disruption

Welcome to Q source! The F3 Nation initiative to increase 3rd F (Faith) and improve the leadership of the Pax.  YHC was eager to get started after a couple weeks of planning and trying to figure out the ‘perfect’ time.  It was go time! QSource In F3 Lexicon defined as “The Wisdom from which the …

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BackBlast 2018 Ugly Sweater Christmas Convergence (and Ugly it was)!

2018 Ugly Sweater Christmas Convergence (and Ugly it was)!

Conditions: It was a cool, rain saturated, windy, overcast morning (Low 40’s) making Ugly sweaters ideal for the conditions.  This Convergence has been long awaited as we were hopeful for Huge attendance from ALL across F3GrandStrand as this would be last convergence before the split of our region into F3GrandStrand  and F3Republic under the idea …

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