Region News A message from Kitten

A message from Kitten

F3 Grand Strand PAX, As you all know, F3 exists to help men grow as leaders in the community. If you’re like me, F3 has made a difference in how you lead at work and at home. It has helped you get the day started right so you can make a big impact in the …

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Region News BUY – A – BURPEE


One of our own, PertPlus, needs help getting to South Africa to adopt their son. You can read more about it here, . It’s been a long road for them to get to this point but they’ve held strong in their faith and have made it! To help get Pert and his family to …

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Region News The Iron Flag

The Iron Flag

F3GrandStrand has launched the “Iron Flag“, a flag of commitment and accountability that each PAX can earn the right to sign.  To earn the right to put your name on the “Iron Flag”, you must post to 20 workouts in 30 days.  Being present is key to sharpening the Iron that is our brotherhood and to …

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Region News International Drive Road Race 5k and 10k

International Drive Road Race 5k and 10k

As many of you know the International Drive Road Race is coming up soon and via Bling we have a coupon code for 35% off the race registration. We would really like to have a strong showing for this race and have the F3 guys wearing F3 gear to promote the region. If at all …

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Region News Leadership Changes at #TheRepublic

Leadership Changes at #TheRepublic

After being introduced to F3, or EHd if you will, I quickly wanted to find my place in this leadership outfit. Of course all the typical #excusebag thoughts cluttered up my head. What if I can’t do it, what if I didn’t! There was much discussion about and strategic planning for the opening of F3GrandStrand’s …

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BackBlast Q-101 at #TheRiviera – get your information here!

Q-101 at #TheRiviera – get your information here!

Conditions It had warmed up nicely to 39 degrees But it stank out at #TheRiviera – it’ll wake ya up! A few weeks ago, YHC was able to meet with our 1stF Q and the AOQs to discuss all things AO related.  One of those things was bringing some Q-101 to #TheRiviera as there were …

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BackBlast OST


Ok guys,  Crankbait and myself have finalized delivery for the toy drive.  We had to change it to next Wedsday 12-20 @ 430pm.  I know we had planned for Saturday,  but we were informed today that none of the contacts will be there over the weekend due to Christmas being Monday!  We made it as …

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Region News OST


Here is the link to explain Operation Sweet Tooth! I also posted the link for the shirt order. We are collecting now until Dec 21, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!   Thanks for all you do! Peterbilt Working link!

Region News Operation Sweet Tooth

Operation Sweet Tooth

Here’s the list. They are very grateful that we considered keeping things local. Here’s a wish list for ideas. $15 limit per gift.They’re willing to do a photo-op when you drop things off, if anyone’s interested.Child Life Wish List

Region News Timeshare Shirt Order: Closing 11/23/2017

Timeshare Shirt Order: Closing 11/23/2017

If you have been jones-ing for a sweet F3 shirt but couldn’t find one you love, or just need a Christmas present idea for the M, the solution is here!  The F3GrandStrand #Timeshare shirt order is open!  These will ship in time for the holidays (per mudgear).  Check the sizing options as not all are …

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