BackBlast Running Passed YHC

Running Passed YHC

AO: Hulkamania Conditions: 75 degrees, less humid   DISCLAIMER: YHC has taken it upon himself to write a BackBlast for Hulkamania  each week, but how does one write a B.B. when one is not in attendance?? . . . read on to find out. YHC put a call out to all Hulkamaniacs last night that …

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BackBlast Substitute Q…

Substitute Q…

Conditions Mid-70s Billboard had the Q so YHC knew it would be lots of heavy lifting since he is an animal.  When I woke up at 0400 I had a 0126 missed call from Billboard.  While I would like to think it was just him calling to tell me how excited he was to Q …

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BackBlast Never Forget!

Never Forget!

One minute called then we pulled in for a tight circle. I was able to Face Time an FOB Iraq (OpSec reason for no name). We gave cheers and T-Claps and words of encouragement. I gave what it means to me on 9/11. I spoke of heroes, patriots, and the unbelievable courage we witnessed. I …

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BackBlast #NeverForget – 18 years later

#NeverForget – 18 years later

Conditions A bit humid but mid-70’s 9/11 holds a tremendous impact for many of us.  I have been fortunate enough to Q somewhere each year and always share my thoughts in general and then some specifics on what was done.  In leading up to this year, since 9/11 fell on a Wednesday – our #WaveRucker …

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BackBlast Never Forget

Never Forget

Conditions: Low 80s, dry and only slightly humid. This morning was YHC/QIC’s monthly turn to Q at his home AO #BombSquad (BS).  More importantly today is the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks – the largest on our soil in U.S. History.  And with that F3 Grandstrand (along with many other F3 regions) historically …

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BackBlast Catapult Remembers 9/11

Catapult Remembers 9/11

AO: Catapult Warm and humid with no end in sight Since Catapult doesn’t actually meet on the 9/11 anniversary, we honored the fallen hero’s a day early. With some conflicting research I developed a workout to honor the fallen Police Officers, Firefighters, Medical Professionals,   Etc… you get the idea of what I was going …

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BackBlast Iron Pax Challenge Week 2

Iron Pax Challenge Week 2

AO: Warthog Conditions: 77 degrees. 95% Humidity.  Clear   IronPAX Challenge Week 2 1 Minute Warning Disclaimer by Headgear Assumed that PAX warmed up on their own Grab Your Blocks “Meatloaf’s Massacre” —4 Rounds— With Standard 35 lb CinderBlock (We weighed a few) *Manmakers x10 *Overhead Press x20 *KettleBell (Block) Swings x30 *Goblet Squats x40 …

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BackBlast #ElevationMonday Coming Soon!

#ElevationMonday Coming Soon!

Conditions 78, muggy … feels like 89 1 minute warning and disclaimer   With the official launch of the #ElevationMonday AO looming next Monday, September 16th, I wanted to do a test run at Doug Shaw Stadium and get a feel for this portion of the new rotating AO.  This workout was geared towards Ruckers, …

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BackBlast Fighting Joe Soto B-Day Beatdown

Fighting Joe Soto B-Day Beatdown

AO: Warthog Conditions: Clear. 73 degrees. 93% Humidity.   YHC took on the Q this day to pay some respects to Joe Soto, Sr.  YHC’s father, who is turning 70 years old today.  Born as one of 18, Jose Eloy Soto, known as Joe to most and Eloy to family and those closer to him …

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BackBlast Iron Pax Challenge Week 1

Iron Pax Challenge Week 1

AO: Warthog Conditions: Pre-Hurricane, Clear and 74 degrees, 94% Humidity. 1 Minute Warning Disclaimer Warm-up by YHC Mosey to Valor Park where YHC carefully measured out 30 yards marked every ten yards by cones in this goosepoop-free field. IRON PAX Challenge week 1 Beatdown: Killer B’s 5 Rounds for Time Broad Jump 10 yards 10 …

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