BackBlast Not Quiet Riot

Not Quiet Riot

67* Nice!   Music, check. Mind Weinke, check.   One-minute warning, disclaimer was given and at 0600 we started with:   25 SSH IC 15 MH IC 20 TTT IC 15 MERKINS SC 20 TS IC 20 IW IC 20 LBAC IC 20 LBAC R IC 20 CP IC 20 AP in SQUAT IC 22 …

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BackBlast Off the Beaten Path

Off the Beaten Path

AO: Hulkamania Conditions: Low 70’s, calm Hottub put out the call on twitter for runners. Shortly thereafter, Sunshine answered the call. Rubber had to bow out due to a potential FNG arriving at BombSquad. ERC made no comment. Hamburglar let everyone one know that he and YHC would be there, too! Sunshine was first to …

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BackBlast Turtle Power

Turtle Power

AO: TheVillage Conditions: 78 degrees, 92% Humidity, Cloudy with 90% Chance of rain September is a month dedicated to the IronPAXChallenge and today is no different across the GrandStrand with Warthog and Catapult both hosting IPC.  Being on the Q sheet for today, I wanted to give the PAX a chance to warm up for …

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BackBlast FenceJumper


AO: Timeshare Conditions: 75 degrees, 99% Humidity F3 GrandStrand kicked off this week with a Monday Double including a 2 hour ruck.  Multiple options for the Week2 IPC and Friday options that included OneCall’s 9/11 Tribute workout.  If you have posted this week, you have to be feeling it!  So, what to plan for a …

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BackBlast Isn’t this a ruck workout?

Isn’t this a ruck workout?

Conditions 77 … almost pleasant 1 minute warning and disclaimer The THANG Head Northeast around the track for 1/2 lap and drop all rucks/sandbags on the South goal line. Regroup on the track for the following: mosey to the first set of steps, run up/down, second and third set run up/down skipping a step, fourth …

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BackBlast Warthog AO Tour

Warthog AO Tour

So its my turn to take Homebase for a spin and i am excited!  I implement BAMCIS which is an acronym in the Marine Corps (Begin planning, Arrange reconnaissance, Make reconnaissance, Complete the Plan, Issue the order, SUPERVISE).  In civilian words:  Plan it, Check out what you have in the area, Finalize your plan and …

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BackBlast Catapult Cones!

Catapult Cones!

AO: Catapult Start Time: 5:15 So oddly enough, this was my Catapult VQ.  I have been to Catapult at least a couple of other times but with trying to be at BombSquad every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, and then doing the F3 (EMAW) bible study on Thursday morning’s and Salty Gears some Friday morning’s, I …

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BackBlast Surprise!!!


AO: Blackbeard Conditions: Hot and Humid…no breeze Its been a tough week.  OneCall hosted the #MondayDouble for Labor Day with an almost 2 hour #ElevationMonday ruck and an Oyster Bootcamp.  Tuesday, #Warthog hosted the #IronPAXChallenge.  Last time YHC was at #BlackBeard, we were just gearing up for this year’s #IPC and the BlackBeard PAX for …

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BackBlast 19 years later – 9/11 – #NeverForget

19 years later – 9/11 – #NeverForget

YHC always tries to take the Q for 9/11 to honor those that lost their lives and those that sacrificed everything, as well as to make sure that we all #NeverForget this incident.  And my basic Backblast information is the same, but with new PAX and all, it needs to be said!  And it never …

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BackBlast Little of everything…

Little of everything…

Man, I feel terrible.  Today was Snips’ birthday!!!  No cake.  No cupcakes.  Nothing.  I blame Disconnect.  He said there was an open spot on Q sheet and asked me to take I did.  Terrible to steal Snips’ bday Q – and the RESPECT one at that.  #BlameSoto  (sounds better than #BlameDisconnect) Conditions There was …

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