Already in the 80’s, HOT and HUMID   YHC arrived at Bombsquad AO at 0512 and headed directly to the big parking lot to set up 7 Stations of COWBELL MADNESS. Step 1 was dropping of small coupons (bricks from home) at Station 5; step 2 was setting up the world-famous DJ equipment at the …

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BackBlast Sgt. Maj. James G. “Ryan” Sartor

Sgt. Maj. James G. “Ryan” Sartor

Conditions Humid, measuring Bling’s tshirt ring out post beatdown – 1.5 cups In the past, we have done many Q’s based on fallen soldiers, battles/wars and the like.  Usually, they are from many years ago.  So when I saw the following news piece about a death this week, it reminded me that EACH AND EVERY …

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BackBlast Twists!


Conditions: Mid 70s, pleasant…glad it wasn’t humid this morning #sarcasm. The Catapult (CP) machine – F3 GS’s IR-Kotter-FNG friendly AO – has been humming along nicely.  We are in the first summer season of the AO with good ole SC humidity adding to the suck factor…and it was a thick one again this morning.  So, with the …

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BackBlast Judeechop – S3 – #2

Judeechop – S3 – #2

Conditions: 70s with middle of July SC humidity. Today the original plan was to turn the infinity gauntlet over for the morning to our veteran Brazilian Jiu-jitsu player (and AOQ of #BeachBells) all around nice guy – Hamburglar. Hamburglar was going to give the #Judeechop (JC) Pax an introductory lesson on the Guillotine Choke (aka …

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BackBlast 35


AO BombSquad Conditions 70’s, Nice breeze and not too humid (aka Awesome) I haven’t had the chance to lead a Saturday Q since I started F3 and about a month ago I started looking at the calendar and noticed that YHC’s birthday just so happened to fall on one. So I hit up Skidmark (AOQ) …

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BackBlast Cradle 2 Grave

Cradle 2 Grave

  AO: BombSquad Conditons: 82 Humid Sunday afternoon YHC decided to take a look at who would be Qing BombSquad on Monday. Lo & behold it was YHC!! I instantly got an idea for a “through the years” themed beatdown. One that started with baby exercises (i.e. LBAC or LBC’s) and proceeded through different life …

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BackBlast Partner up!

Partner up!

Conditions: 70s with SC middle of summer humidity. YHC/QIC was offered the Q at #Warthog by Headgear (AOQ) since we were already going to be on site with #Judeechop and the spot needed filling. Sure! And it was an honor to be running the show at F3 Grandstrand’s mothership on a primo day like Saturday. …

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BackBlast Blame It On The RAIN

Blame It On The RAIN

AO: TimeShare Conditions: Deluge with Lightning YHC has been DR for over a week soaking up the sun in OCMD. Although YHC put a shout out to F3 Nation there were no return shouts for a beatdown at the beach so YHC resorted to running the Boardwalk for exercise. Sometimes YHC ran alone other times …

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BackBlast Our man – Ralph Lauren – #Warthog Backblast 7/11/19

Our man – Ralph Lauren – #Warthog Backblast 7/11/19

It’s always fun getting to workout at F3Grandstrand.  Today was no different.  Headgear put me down to Q at Warthog and to be honest- I was a little uncertain.  #BigShoesToFill I wanted everyone to have fun at this workout and began putting ideas together. I realized the date was 7/11 and things began to come …

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BackBlast Bonus Kettlebells and Coupons!

Bonus Kettlebells and Coupons!

YHC needed to change from Monday and Sunshine happily obliged, then Rousey offered to bring some KB.  These were quickly accepted and my beatdown was modified to incorporate more strength training.  Much to the dismay of some Pax… COP SSH IW 5 Burpees Shoulder series TTT Windmill Tempo Squats 10 Burpees Mosey to the coupon …

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