BackBlast 5-10-15 IS NOT FERTILIZER


 Conditions: 42 degrees, cool & refreshing at BombSquad 5:29 – 1 minute warning 5:30- Disclaimer COP WARM UP 20- SSH  IC 20-LBAC  IC 20-RLBAC  IC 20-TTT IC 22-MERKINS OYO MOSEY 1 LAP AROUND BUILDING THEN TO FRONT PARKING AREA 4 CORNERS +  C1 5 BURPEES 10 SQUATS 15 F.KICKS RUN COMPLETE LAP AROUND 4 CORNERS …

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BackBlast Q-101 #Timeshare Edition

Q-101 #Timeshare Edition

Conditions Mid 40’s, clear and sunny A bit ago Beaker saw YHC doing Q-101’s and asked for it at #Timeshare based on there being many new PAX there.  YHC asked if 3/23 would work as a good date for most of the PAX, and Beaker texted the crew.  Affirmatives were received, so it was scheduled.  …

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BackBlast Something Special….

Something Special….

Conditions 47, wet.  Exec decision at #Warthog the day before – to the deck! Hamburglar, as the new AOQ was busy recruiting new blood, and old too I am sure, to when he put out an invite in our #mumblechatter channel.  Told everyone to come – I had something special for them.  To which I …

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BackBlast P200 Training

P200 Training

Chili clear morning around 46 and still wet from a night rain.  Waterway Palms Wagon came in with Boxcar, Red Coat, and YHC.  Happy to see the others roll in and be joined by 3 HIM finishing up with QSource (3rd F). 1 minute warning. Disclaimer. Warmup:  SSH IC x 20, Merkins OYO x 22, …

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BackBlast Boxing In the Gloom

Boxing In the Gloom

Conditions: Mid 40s, misty, dark, foreboding. YHC/co-QIC’s turn at the #Catapult (CP) this morning! YHC had tweeted out that today’s beatdown would be boxing based minus the raw pugilism, but with the intensity dial set to “11” so that these #HIM would get a good sweat. Shadow boxing and light mitt work can be a …

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BackBlast Got One Shot!!

Got One Shot!!

AO:  Catapult YHC was super excited to Q the Catapult!! I read up on all the previous beatdowns to make sure I followed the proper format.  One Call let everyone know I was on Q and if they recently went to Q101, they should join YHC in the Gloom! Sunshine arrived early and I took …

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BackBlast USS Langley (CV-1) Ruck Workout

USS Langley (CV-1) Ruck Workout

Conditions 45 Another AWESOME Wednesday and another AWESOME #WaveRucker.  1.5 hours of pure work.  We get stronger and fitter and we get to learn about American heroes, American history, etc., along with amazing fellowship!  Searching for some cool March 20 stuff that can be used to formulate a plan…lots of things to find, and really …

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BackBlast Imitation is the Greatest Form of Flattery

Imitation is the Greatest Form of Flattery

Conditons: Cold, Low 40’s. Skidmark realized that Boxcar would be challenged to Q as scheduled from across the big pond so he threw a plea out on Slack for a HIM to cover this Q. YHC jumped at the chance to lead the men of Bombsquad on a Monday Morning in the Gloom. Preparation was …

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BackBlast Q101 at #Village, no..just Kitten…there’s Skimmer..modified Q101

Q101 at #Village, no..just Kitten…there’s Skimmer..modified Q101

Conditions 45. Boxcar asked me last month to do a Q101 at #Village since many of the PAX needed the refresher, and there were some that haven’t Q’d yet or only once or twice so needed to learn.  Then Skidmark asked me at #BombSquad.  Did one at #BombSquad a few weeks ago.  Well attended, guys …

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BackBlast Welcome back, Scout!

Welcome back, Scout!

It was a cool, but not cold, morning when Cheetah, Scout, and I walked into the parking lot at the PitStop. Since it was already 7:29 when we rolled in, I went on and gave the 1-minute warning. As there were no other PAX, I gave the disclaimer at 7:30 and we began. COP: 20 …

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