BackBlast Special Delivery of Pain

Special Delivery of Pain

AO: The Village Conditions: 70 degrees, somewhat humid Yesterday YHC was informed that a DR PAX would like to guest Q today and YHC graciously obliged. This would be YHC’s 5th beatdown this week (last week YHC made 6 beatdowns)( #HumbleBragging) so if YHC was off Q maybe he would take a recovery day.  Moments …

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BackBlast Welcome to the Ruck Drag!

Welcome to the Ruck Drag!

Conditions: 70s, humid, but no rain. Time to go sleeveless. BYOTT per AOQ! Equipment: Kettle Bell (KB); weights: All KBs in OneCalls’s garage. So, 1 set of 20 lbs., 1 set of 30 lbs., 1 set of 40 lbs., 1 set of 50 lbs., 1 60 lb., 1 70 lb., 1 set of 80 lbs, …

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BackBlast Cones cones cones

Cones cones cones

Conditions 55 Boxcar hits me up every month to Q at #TheVillage, and I like to get on the sheet when I can to see some of the PAX I don’t regularly see in my “normal F3 routine”.  Switching things up is always great for us as men and leaders.  And adding Q Source to …

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BackBlast Honoring Service Challenge Part 3. The Firefighter WOD

Honoring Service Challenge Part 3. The Firefighter WOD

13 Pax got to work early this morning as we continue the Honoring Service Challenge posted by GoRuck by completing the Firefighter WOD. The Weather was a very fair 52° with a calm wind. YHC got to the AO ahead of the pax and helped set up some special coupons to help enhance this morning …

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BackBlast One Man Band

One Man Band

AO The Village Conditions Low 60’s, downright freezing relative to last week Showed up early to set up some cones and check out the AO for the coming beatdown. 05:13 and still nobody in sight… hmm. (maybe people forgot that we start at 05:15??) One minute warning and still nobody. **Contemplates leaving and going back …

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BackBlast Quatro y Quatro

Quatro y Quatro

YHC arrived at The Village (AO) at 0500 to scope the site and place some props. The temp was perfect and 70ish. I thought to myself, ” You better enjoy this weather because in a few more weeks it will turn into a sauna”. A few cars pulled in near start time and I could …

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BackBlast Need More Coupons

Need More Coupons

67* NICE! YHC awoke at 0418, 2 minutes before the wake-up bell. Yowza! Off to a good start! Oops, forgot to turn the coffee pot timer on the night before and had to wait for the black gold. Luckily, Elvis cooperated and was able to stay on schedule. Hopped into the car, backed out of …

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BackBlast No Bulk Just 100% Hulk

No Bulk Just 100% Hulk

AO: Hulkamania Conditions: 66 degrees, clear sky, low humidity The regular PAX who attend Hulkamania were all on a bit of a hiatus since our top 10 Finish for the Palmetto 200, however, after the race our attention quickly focused to upper body training for the GZ Dragon Boat Races!! If you,ve been living under …

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BackBlast Timeshare Little league

Timeshare Little league

Conditions: beautiful outside. Last week I was asked to join FNG, to be know forever as Honey Don’t, at the Timeshare AO and instead of just agreeing, I committed to Q (holding myself accountable).  Last night I posted that I was accepting any willing PAX to clown car to Timeshare and Skidmark was quick to …

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BackBlast Catapult is Working

Catapult is Working

AO Catapult Conditions Upper 60’s, clear As customary on my Q days, YHC showed up to the AO early  to make sure that everything was in order. I was eager to get today’s beatdown started as this was my first Q at the Catapult. O’Douls was the first to arrive, shortly followed by Pikachu (fresh …

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