BackBlast Just the Facts, Ma’am

Just the Facts, Ma’am

AO: Catapult Conditions: Perfect I arrived at the AO shortly after 5am. Skimmer  was running laps. Rousey finished his pre-bike ride. I drove to the Coupon Pile and retrieved 12 blocks. I parked the truck. We circled up. Crabs arrived. Judge Judy arrived. 5:14 – One Minute Warning 5:15 – Proper Disclaimer COP: 25 SSH …

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BackBlast 05/18/2023 Catapult (Snappy Title, Huh?)

05/18/2023 Catapult (Snappy Title, Huh?)

Conditions: Pleasant, hovering right around 70 and the mosquitoes were well behaved right until Mary started… YHC showed up a bit early and got about half of a pre-run in after some stretching. Had promised a burpee free workout after Nantan had put everyone except JJ throught the ringer on Tuesday, decided to push cardio …

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BackBlast FNGs! 2.0s! DRs! Oh My!

FNGs! 2.0s! DRs! Oh My!

YHC kind of slacked off the last free week I had, so I made a point to find my way onto the calendar for plenty of Qs this week, starting off with Sharknado, which I haven’t been to in a bit. Pulled in a few minutes early and Gable was already in the lot along …

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BackBlast B.O.M.B.Squad


Conditions: Pleasant, right around 70. Mood lighting in the upstairs room across the field in Turnberry was red. Not looking to reinvent the wheel this time out, going back to the K.I.S.S. philosophy our offensive line coach preached back in high school – keep it simple, stupid. Good sized crowd when I pulled in with …

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BackBlast Plank **

Plank **

Conditions: Dark. Thought someone had failed to pay the power bill when I pulled up, as the lights that usually come on at 5 where still MIA. Luckily, they were cut on during welcome so we could see what we were doing. Welcome, Introduction, Disclaimer, Mission Statement COP20 Side Straddle Hops 15 Tempo Squats 10 …

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BackBlast Bombsquad Change up Backblast

Bombsquad Change up Backblast

Conditions: great weather, clear, cool, light breeze. 14 unsuspecting pax came out for a beatdown with some surprisingly different exercises after Mother’s Day. Warm Up: -25x side straddle hop -25x heel and toe raises -25x Peter Parker merkins (4 count, but 2 count would have been a better choice for the warm up) -10x seal …

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BackBlast PT. Hard. Tired.

PT. Hard. Tired.

Hoser has been crushing us on Mondays with great delight, so I wanted to follow suit since he was unavailable to Q…took it last Monday and went to the “internets” to find some solid sandbag workouts. A bit of chatter and a DR PAX coming had Lombardi dusting off his sandbag coming out of retirement …

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BackBlast Lifted Stones (and Blocks) Gather No Moss

Lifted Stones (and Blocks) Gather No Moss

Catapult has been suffering from Kotter abandonment and general malaise over the last several months. My hope was that the promise of a creative workout and reducing your risk of premature death would be selling points. Meh… But, the men who showed up busted their asses and got better. It was partner work for 90% …

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BackBlast Less time, Maximum Fun

Less time, Maximum Fun

YHC arrived to find a blocked off parking lot and the PL CC sitting in the auxiliary lot. We marveled at the “freshly” graded parking lot and much mumblechatter was had on the long journey to a newly surfaced lot. We waited a bit for our other HC *Cough, Fergie, and when he didn’t show, …

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BackBlast Sandbag D.T. Tough

Sandbag D.T. Tough

YHC grabbed the open Q and went to work coming up with a plan for a decent workout. Not knowing what the numbers would be I didn’t want it to be too complicated. I figured maybe do some Murph training before the Murph WOD. That was until I stumbled across this little beauty. The announcement …

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