BackBlast Q-as-you-go


AO: ThePitStop Conditions: Feels like 51 per Steve (Jobs), Clear YHC arrived to the AO at 7:20.  As the PAX showed up, Kitten tried to recruit #sadclowns among the residents of ND to join us but they declined.  As he did, YHC realized the planned Q would need to be modified to fit the AO. …

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AO: Warthog YHC has been looking forward to Q’ing at Warthog all month and wanted to give the PAX something a little different. These guys are studs and expect all Q’s to bring their A-game! If the Beatdown is subpar they will mercilessly unleash their rapier wit (not ‘rapist wit’ #Dumb&Dumber) #ISI and give a …

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BackBlast Inaugural Q Source #Disruption

Inaugural Q Source #Disruption

Welcome to Q source! The F3 Nation initiative to increase 3rd F (Faith) and improve the leadership of the Pax.  YHC was eager to get started after a couple weeks of planning and trying to figure out the ‘perfect’ time.  It was go time! QSource In F3 Lexicon defined as “The Wisdom from which the …

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BackBlast Monkee Beach

Monkee Beach

Conditions: 30-31 degrees = Beach Weather —VQ: Ah, my first time… just like my last first time it ended with words of encouragement by the other 10 men involved. YHC arrived early to the AO to set up Monkee Beach. The Pax started to roll in around 5:20am & we greeting by sounds of The Beach Boys. …

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BackBlast I’m Back!

I’m Back!

YHC with a little prodding from The Village’s new AOQ (aka Boxcar aka an enforcer in the Waterway Palms mafia) jumped on the Q sheet for February since it had been months since his last Q here. The Village has gone from a fledgling AO to a stalwart one rescuing #Sadclowns and transforming them into …

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BackBlast KaPow Q#2: A Cold One

KaPow Q#2: A Cold One

It was pretty cold. 30F when I left home at 5am. I had to scrape the frost off my windshield before heading out. I was the last one to show up, we started promptly at 5:15 though. Worth noting that Manwich fartsacked, after also fartsacking my VQ… Unacceptable. Started with some warm ups to fight …

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BackBlast Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826)

Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826)

Conditions NOT the 30 degrees everyone dressed for and the weather apps all called for.  It was 46 degrees and got WARM quick So some of our FiA sisters have gotten into rucking.  Smart women, them.  And they signed up for the MB GORUCK event in May.  No one can resist a good sale.  So …

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BackBlast Village 2k

Village 2k

Back to the Village to Q!  Always great to get out and see our “running group”! picked up my partner in crime, #physicaltwins, and headed out over the Waterway. “Do you have a plan for the Q?” “not really” “Not surprised…….. At least y0u wrote down a few notes……”  (Its great to have good friends). …

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BackBlast 21 PAX, not 20, 21!!!

21 PAX, not 20, 21!!!

Conditions 30.  Cold As Quaker has started calling these days – BIG Mondays.  The swell of PAX is large.  Pert Plus even tagged it as #problematic.  Consistently over 15ish and he’s right.  Might be time to look at another Monday option Quaker (1st F), High Interest (Weasel Shaker) and Sunshine (Nant’an).  #JustSaying…Kettlebells.  Ahem. Last week, …

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BackBlast Big Finish with Happy Ending. . . Just Ask Rubber!

Big Finish with Happy Ending. . . Just Ask Rubber!

AO: Hulkamania Conditions: 29 degrees. . .refreshing! As Tanlines and YHC came speeding down Frontage Road on early morning drive to the Hulk we spotted a turned over vehicle just before the entrance. Looked similar to the Kitten Mobile as I wondered aloud what could have happened. Was Kitten running late to the AO as …

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