BackBlast GrowRuck 17

GrowRuck 17

Event: GrowRuck 17 Sandhills AO – Pinehurst, NC Conditions: Cold, Windy, Wet This journey started several months ago in either August or September when Flash announced that Grow Ruck 17 would take place in Pinehurst.  This is his old stomping grounds and his original F3 region so he automatically defaulted to Q on this one. …

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BackBlast Merkin with a side of Surf & Turf

Merkin with a side of Surf & Turf

A beautiful cool morning at Warthog, 40 ish low, to medium humidity. Passed Hamburglar and Franklin at the turn in at Market Commons Running hard as usual. Did not get there pace time but about 4-5 miles from what Hamburglar said. Pax started to arrive 10 mins early as par or Warthog, Karma up to …

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BackBlast BOMBS for Big Monday

BOMBS for Big Monday

AO BombSquad Conditions Upper 40’s, Cool and clear Big Monday! One of my favorite days to Q as its usually a good sized group and everybody is eager to get after and start the week off right. As I pulled up, I saw two cars already parked, with Hamburglar and Quaker already in beast mode …

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BackBlast ElevationMonday


Elevation Monday- the newest little brother of our region!  Lots of regulars “out of the office” this week, so numbers were scarce when I posted in Slack yesterday.  Got T&C and Lombardi to HC, so away we go to the Crown Reef-  the “highest” of all our elevations! Met the boys at 0500, rucked up, …

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BackBlast Wind Chill…No chill

Wind Chill…No chill

Conditions: Cold & Windy YHC felt the low temp combined with the bone chilling wind this morning & knew he would have to move this beatdown to warmer parts of the AO. The Honda was loaded with 5 coupons of various weights & headed to the AO. Upon my arrival at the top the parking …

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BackBlast Steppin’ it up, literally and figuratively!

Steppin’ it up, literally and figuratively!

Waverucker Wednesday-  best day of the week!  doing some forecasting on the forecast, I saw freezing temps for Wed morning!!  Was thinking no one would want to show up.   Valvano was out of country, apparently on a boat in Panama wearing Mickey ears (and nothing else!), One Call was at a Tinder retreat in …

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BackBlast Just the 2 of Us

Just the 2 of Us

Conditions: Luckily low 50s this morning; the forecast is having us at 27 for tomorrow’s #Waverucker. YHC/QIC’s monthly turn to lead the #Catapult (CP) #HIM this morning! As mentioned in the CP slack channel, YHC was going to increase the #suckfactor in order bring a Veteran’s Day worthy beatdown for the crew. The #weinke would still be consistent with …

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BackBlast 11/11 – Veteran’s Day!

11/11 – Veteran’s Day!

Conditions Coldish – 41   #ElevationMonday at Doug Shaw Stadium!  30 minutes in the gloom and 30 minutes under the lights!!!  Stairs and a beautiful track and field to get some work done!  This morning was Veteran’s Day – a day near and dear to all of our hearts.  Honoring those who serve and who …

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BackBlast Running for Cover

Running for Cover

AO: Hulkamania Conditions: Perfect Per the weather app, a cold front was coming our way and temperatures would dip into the low 30’s for Saturday. Today, however it was still warm, 59 degrees, which is not too bad for November. There was a slight breeze and oh yeah it was raining. GOOD! Running in the …

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BackBlast Veterans Day Weekend Q

Veterans Day Weekend Q

  AO: Warthog Conditions: Clear, 36 Degrees, 71% Humidity…Cold Veterans Day is a special day designated to recognize all those who have served in the US Armed Forces.  There are 20.4 million US Veterans in the United States among a total population of 327 million people.  There are currently 1.3 million active duty US Military …

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