BackBlast Take the field by 10’s

Take the field by 10’s

AO: The Plank Conditions: Perfect High 40’s Plank needed some help this month so the Catapult men have really stepped up to help out here. Kiwi led the charge by stepping up and then we kind of fell in line. Now only if Hot Tub, Tiny Dancer, Cyclone, Streaker would get back in the Q …

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BackBlast Not So Fast JJ

Not So Fast JJ

48*, Pleasant 1 minute warning. Mission Statement Disclaimer   COP Harry Rockettes IC (not really) x15 SSH IC x16 TTT IC x17 Hillbillies IC x18 LBAC (F&R) IC x19 Cherry Pickers IC x20   Mosey to big lot. Merkins x3 at each parking lot line- Bear Crawl between lines. Stop at cone and switch to …

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BackBlast Mighty Mick’s

Mighty Mick’s

Conditions: Freezing, still and bright (but not Plant bright), thanks to the full moon. With YHC pulling three Qs in 14 days, I decided to look back at some past backblasts for some inspiration. Pulled into the AO a bit before 4:45 and put up the shovel flag before joining Judge Judy in some pre-run …

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BackBlast “71” Mile

“71” Mile

Conditions– High 30s and Windy I put myself on the Q sheet last month for Big Monday at Bombsquad. I am not going to lie, but it was really difficult to get up this morning with the weather outside, feeling under the weather and just dealing with a stressful few weeks. BUT, I am sure …

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BackBlast LeT it sNow

LeT it sNow

Conditions Cold, 36ish YHC has had to hand off a couple of scheduled Saturday Warthog Qs recently, so when OneCall reached out looking for a fill-in, I jumped at it. Knowing a bunch of PAX are training for the upcoming marathon and the Blue Ridge Relay in September, a pre-run was called for 0600. YHC …

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BackBlast Blocks Scorcher with some inappropriate fun

Blocks Scorcher with some inappropriate fun

I was excited about todays Q. I had mixed a little old with a little new and came up with my own CSAUP without driving 100 miles or paying for. Hit the social media last night with a fair warning to anyone who wanted to push themselves that todays workout was not going to be …

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BackBlast 71s Tribute to Dad

71s Tribute to Dad

Conditions– Mid 30s, brisk and calm winds; slight fog Well, what a stressful 7 days it has been for YHC. Unfortunately, last Thursday my father-in-law, William “Bill” Carroll, passed away unexpectedly at his house here in Carolina Forest. Needless to say, our entire family is mourning and in shock, but our faith is holding us …

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BackBlast Deception


AO: ThePlank Conditions: Cold. About 34 degrees   CrossStitch was signed up to Q this one but had to back on on Tuesday and seeing no one else take him up on the Q, YHC stepped in.  I would only be missing Penelope’s Q at Warthog anyway, which is where I had originally planned on …

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BackBlast Tower of Power

Tower of Power

Conditions: COLD. 36 degrees, but no wind so that was nice. The Thang: YHC showed up a little early to set up and verify the Tower of Power course. Most PAX came screaming in right before the one-minute call so YHC felt a little better that it wasn’t going to be YHC, Fergie, and Hoser. …

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BackBlast The Three Amigos

The Three Amigos

A quick look on the Q sheet Tuesday morning showed that this mornings Q was wide open, (HINT NEXT WEDNESDAY IS OPEN ALSO). So YHC put out the notice that I would take the Q for today and to bring sandbags and rucks. 3 pax arrived braved the subarctic temperatures this morning and showed up …

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