100 lb KB is EXACTLY what we were missing!!!

100 lb KB is EXACTLY what we were missing!!!

Workout Date:





Bling, High Interest, Mudslide, Bluegrass, Buffett, Skidmark, Boxcar, Rousey, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

Stupid cold for anywhere, but for SC especially – 19, wind chill in the single digits

Well today was supposed to be a HUGE convergence of the 2 awesome GrandStrand Kettlebell workouts – #BeachBells and #SouthernBells.  We all kind of planned this without really checking with the #Beachbells AOQ.  So last week, YHC was informed by said AOQ, Wolverine, that he could not attend based on timing with school and the kids.  Dang.  We better postpone it then for when school’s out.  Which we did, but then there was no school anyhow thanks to #Snowmaggedon2018, but who would have thunk it at the time we postponed the convergence so Wolverine could attend.  It was good to see him this morni…wait, he still didn’t show ever though we had it at his HOME AO, cancelled the convergence for him, moved the location of the workout, basically handed it to him on a silver platter to post!   Something about doing something with his vanity and apparently tweaked himself.  Rumor was it was the holiday edition of Vanity Fair he was trying to lift.  Hope he heals quickly.

Not all Wolverine’s fault tho…maybe 97.8%.  Cause, with some communication yesterday, it wound up a lot of PAX didn’t wanna drive anyhow. #BlackIce.  So a later-in-the-season nicer weather convergence will be AMAZING!  Stay tuned.  And nobody better miss.  Nobody!

As chatter was being thrown around yesterday, there was also some gentle EH’ing to get some others to show, what with the school cancellations and no “gotta take care of the 2.0’s” excuses.  Plus, since the workout starts and ends earlier, the drive time makes everything exactly the same timingwise for those that have to post at their closest AO.  #NoExcuses

So, there were opportunities for others who, with kids home, now had some extra time.  This wound up being 3 brand new KB guys and also got High Interest back out with us.  #BeenAMinute.  Many regulars didn’t show however – Billboard, Geno, Penelope (who actually HC to a SC, which clearly means nothing), Weedeater, Valvano, Wolverine (as detailed above).  We missed Hoser too!

But there were 9 AWESOME PAX.  And they are all huger now.

There was some pre-start debate about location.  Tight quarters on the 1st floor, 3rd floor was kinda open to harsh winds, 2nd floor looked good until we stood there with the wind howling and blowing across from open side to open side.  So we snuck in a little cubby hole of open spots, brought out the weights, cranked the tunes, gave the 1 minute warning, then the disclaimer, extra careful for the new guys, and off we went.

With 9 men ready to roll, tunes cranking, and cold air everywhere, YHC knows the men were in complete awe of not 1, but 2 80 lb KBs as these 2 awesome hunks of metal from the respective AO’s came together for what must have somehow aligned the stars!!  But wait, NO FRIGGIN WAY! REALLY?  Did YHC actually buy a ONE HUNDRED POUND kettlebell??!?!?!?!!?!  YEP!!!  Why?  Cause we NEEDED it.  We CRAVED it.  We LUSTED after it.  80 was such a weird number.  100 is so perfect, so round, so ridiculous actually, but that’s how we roll!!!!  [All references to we is YHC].  Side note – Bluegrass will be purchasing a 200 lb KB at some time in the future.

100 lb KB – YES!!! 100 lbs!
2 x 80 lb KBs. YEP! 2 of em. We might not have even needed more after these 3 weights, but we had it
1 x 70 lb KB
4 x 50 lb KBs
4 x 40 lb KBs
36 lb KB
2 x 30 lb KBs
2 x 20 lb KBs
40 lb Sandbag
80 lb Sandbag

Let’s do this – The THANG

YHC basically tried to keep the rounds to 6-8 “stations” before moving on.  8 reps per station/side/arm.  It’s on you to choose what exercise you do at what station.  The exercises were geared for some to be at the lighter weights, and some at the heavier.  Something for everyone!

Round 1
Swings, all swings.  1 arm, 2 arm, whatever you can do
Start at a weight and move up
Swinging the 100 as several did was quite insane
If you wanted to deadlift the heavier ones, do it!

Round 2
Squats – Goblet or 1 arm hold
Figure 8’s around the legs

Round 3
Upright rows
Here the sandbags were added in if “breaks” needed/wanted
40 lb – BBSU’s
80 lb – Carry up the parking deck and back down

Round 4
1 arm bent over rows
40 lb – BBSU’s
80 lb – Carry up the parking deck and back down

Round 5
Shoulder press
Good mornings
40 lb – BBSU’s
80 lb – Carry up the parking deck and back down

Round 6
Merkins, abyss merkins, merkins with rows, uneven merkins, merkins with a twist/lift
40 lb – BBSU’s
80 lb – Carry up the parking deck and back down
Throw the 100 lb KB in here for a farmers walk!

Round 7
Arms.  Biceps.  Triceps.  Alternate between the muscle groups; alternate the exercise based on what you can do with the weight you are at.
Curls, regular, hammer, concentration, negatives.
Kickbacks, extensions – 1 or 2 arm, diamond merkins.
Triple crush the sandbags.


Count-O-Rama – 9
Prayer requests unspoken

– Despite the super cold weather, we got a lot of work in!!  Great having new guys post!!  Kettlebells is for everyone!
– Buffett, Skidmark and Boxcar – hope you enjoyed your first venture to our crazy world of iron and steel
– Bling and Rousey – great seeing you men push the bar with everything!
– Bluegrass.  Glad you were able to come back to your roots and join us at #Beachbells. Also, #Beast and #NiceTapeJob
– High Interest – glad you were able to come out and get some different work in.  As we discuss often, bigger arms = sweetness and happy M.
– Mudslide – looking hardcore with the beard and always making everything look easy!

– 2 year anniversary #Convergence of #BombSquad tomorrow at 0600. Quaker on Q.  Be there!


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