Mini Adventure Race/Run at Bomb Squad

Mini Adventure Race/Run at Bomb Squad

Workout Date:






The Thang:

AO: Bomb Squad
Start Time: 6:00

So a few weeks ago, YHC participated in his first adventure race over in Conway that F3 Republic hosted.  It was a total of 1 hour of mapping/plotting and then 6 hours worth of adventure race.  Great time with some Pax I don’t get to see as much anymore (Backdraft, Jingles, Cheezy Bisquit on my team) as well Franklin, Billboard, Skimmer and Weedeater.  The race had a lot of kayaking, running, and some biking but what made it a lot of fun and kept your concentration off of body pains was having to find your way to each marker.  So on Friday a light bulb went off on how can I incorporate some sort of mini adventure race into my Saturday morning 1 hour Q?  So be pre-warned, there was no actual adventure race but more like an adventure run with some merkins.

15 WM’s IC
->Several Minutes of stretching commenced
20 HB’s IC
20 IW’s IC

Mosey to sidewalk just before the cross

Warm Up:
50 Rocky’ B’s (2 Count)

Main Event:
We discussed how the 6 of us should break up into teams and ultimately Sade’, Flyover, and Humpback were Team A and YHC, Beefsteak, and Pikachu were Team B.  YHC passed out the direction weike sheets for each team and  explained that each team would need a navigator but I couldn’t be the navigator for my team and wouldn’t be giving any directional help.   YHC then explained that each team would have to stop every 1/4 mile and do 12 merkins and that by the time we were done we would get in 144 merkins.  Luckily YHC and Flyover had GPS watches so the mileage could be tracked.  Note: I used google maps to map out the course at exactly 3 miles which ended up being very accurate.  So team A was to take a right out of the parking lot and team B was to take a left and then follow the direction sheets that were handed over to each team’s navigator.  Note: The layout of the race was that each team was doing the same exact course just in opposite directions so the first team back would win.  And we’re off!! Team B made it back to the finish line first with Team A just 30-40 seconds behind.  Since both teams finished in good time we still had about 15 minutes left.

Mosey around to the bleachers

20 Steps-Ups
20 Dips

Mosey to the block pile

->1 round of Colt 45’s
->1 round of 10 Thrusters

Mosey back to flag

1 Round of Mary from each Pax:
Pikachu- Crunchy Frogs
Beefsteak- Flutter Kicks
Humpback-American Hammers
Flyover- Stretching
Sade’- Dying Cockroaches
Spork- Heels to Heaven



->Blood Drive “Freed to Bleed” scheduled for 12/30/20, check Slack for more details.
->Fostering Hope is doing the bike donations again this year and also has a donation page so get involved for this great cause, check Slack for more details.
->Grow Ruck is coming to Myrtle Beach 4/30/21-5/1/21.  YHC is signed up and is going to see what all the hype is about, more Pax need to get on board!
->The Ugly Christmas Sweater Convergence will be at Bomb Squad on 12/19 (7:00) start time.

Prayer requests:
– Headgear’s daughter and family.
– One of Flyover’s good friends dad is in the hospital with Covid.


Honor to Lead!!

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