Get larger

Get larger

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One call, Valvano, Rousey, Wolviern QIC

The Thang:

YHC arrived to Rousey getting warmed up for the events to come, we didn’t know  what that was going to be all we knew for sure was that is was 100% humidity.

A light stretch caused some perspiration to take place so I knew it would be a wet one.

One Call rolled up with the KB’s in tow and Valvano showed up as well.


Start off with one and two handed swings on all weights to get stretched out

1st Round- 30lb and 40lb were merkins with flat rows 10 merkins total.  50lbers were man makers

We had a good sweat going by this point.

2nd Round- Shoulders various exercises perform including shrugs, lateral and front raises and should press

3rd and 4th Round ARMS!!!  YHC felt like the ARMS could use 2 sets to maximize gains.  Sets included extensions (one and two hand) curls, curls and more curls.

5th round- we went back to the basic and did man makers and farmer carrries.

YHC is getting back into the swing of school so that means early exits are mandatory.  ONE call led us out.

Thanks again Men for the opportunity to lead you.

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