11s on Q

11s on Q

Workout Date:



Jetah (2ndfQ)


Castaway (Plank AOQ), 1st Base, and Cyclone

The Thang:

Got the call last night from Humpback needing to pass his Q on, and I gladly took it. Showed up a few min early to find 1st base hibernating in his whip, and shortly thereafter the AOQ himself pulled in. With 3 pax on deck, we proceeded the plank in the normal fashion with some hairy rockettes, some imperial walkers, and side straddle hops. I threw 22 mericans for the 22 a day who we lose. Then a quick mosey around to try and beat the artic blast coming down, failing this we hit the coupon pile for some much needed reunion with the blocks after Kiwi’s beatdown. We mosey over to the goal line, did some murder bunnies out to the 10, then did 11s all the way across of curls, swings, and other stuff. Got to the other side, did some quick burpees, and headed back the way we came. Got to the other side, did some blockies, and then headed over to the stairs. We hit them like normal, did dips at the bottom, then wrapped up with roth abs. Headed over for another lap around, picked our blocks up, and racked them. We stretched out for a bit, asked some heavy questions, and circled up. Honored to lead.


Shield lock Challenge

First week lunches next week: tuesday up north, wednesday in the middle, thursday down South

Lazertag this Saturday see slack

26 Feb Bowling at Myrtle Beach Bowling at 6


PAX and there families

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