12 Days of Catapult Christmas

12 Days of Catapult Christmas

Workout Date:





Pikachu, First Base

The Thang:

Conditions– Brisk (lower 40s) and slight breeze

I anticipated this to be a light turnout PAX day at Catapult as our some of regular PAX were traveling. I started off with some classic rock workout jams, and then brought the fun Xmas jams,  which may or may not included the farting acoustic versions of Jingle Bells and many variations of 12 days of Christmas.

I gave the one minute warning and all 2 PAX (First Base and Pikachu) were ready to go

F3 GS mission and disclaimer variation was discussed


15- Temp Squats IC

15- Calf Raises IC

15- Air Presses in Squat IC


21- Cherry Pickers IC

15- Harry Rockets IC

We all moseyed over to the coupon pile to grab one coupon of choice per PAX and came back to the COP. I went through the “12 Days of Christmas” exercises in ladder type style, but we would all keep pace with each other and one PAX would be responsible for counting the exercises in IC:

1st Day= Mosey to church parking entrance

2nd Day= 20 LBCs IC YHC

3rd Day= 15 Merkins IC Pikachu

4th Day= 30 Squats IC First Base

5th Day= 20 Overhead Press w/ Block IC YHC

6th Day= 20 SSHs IC Pikachu

7th Day= 25 2ct Flutters IC First Base

8th Day= 25 Calf Raises IC O’Douls

9th Day= 20 Curls w Block IC Pikachu

10th Day= 15 Lunges IC Pikachu

11th Day= 25 Shoulder Taps IC O’Douls

12th Day= 20 sec Plank IC O’Douls

We moseyed the coupons back together to the coupon pile.

2 min stretching OYO




Announcements- All attended Tuesday’s Catapult workout, so same announcements and all aware of what was going on.

Some disagreement mumblechatter between Pikachu and I- No worries PAX- we salvaged our relationship a few mins afterwards 🙂 All is peaceful at the Catapult AO 🙂

I prayed us out.

Honor to lead gentlemen and looking forward to Ugly Sweater convergence at BombSquad on Thursday.



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