12 Men; Fun and a little pain

12 Men; Fun and a little pain

Workout Date:



Handy Manny


Grass Patch, Pert Plus, Mudslide, Hoedown, Wonton, Blue Grass, Handy Manny, Wittle, Etch n Scetch, Peaches, Spreedsheet, Runoff

The Thang:

YHC was excited to drive west so see the Pax at the Riviera. After seeing a tweet about a 4:45 pre-run I couldn’t wait to get out there. So I loaded the truck with all the toys and had my Chai pudding ready to blast off for an early start in the AM. After a little shut eye I sprung out of bed around 3:50 pumped and ready, trying not to wake the M and the 2.0’s because I knew if this happened the workout could be put on an early halt. Success. Out the garage without a peep. As I arrived to make the left turn I noticed three cars already in the parking lot.

4:45–Pre run

5:29 One Minute Warning

5:30 Quick disclaimer; time to get to work (Pert rolling in hot)

Here is what we did….

Condition:¬†Mid 20’s with a slight chill in the air


  • 22 SSH IC
  • 20 Hill billys IC
  • 15 TTT IC
  • 15 Wind mills IC
  • Plank of pain
  • 20 Plank jacks IC
  • 20 Shoulder taps IC
  • 20 Mountain¬† Climbers IC
  • 22 Merkins (Pax count)

Indian run around the facility


Groups of 3

Pain station 1–Push the pallet down & back

Pain station 2–Burpees

Pain station 3–Curls with blocks

Pain station 4–Squat press with the blocks

**REPEAT for 2 rounds

Take a victory lap


Pain station 1–Push the pallet down

Pain station 2–LBC

Pain station 3–Triceps extensions with the blocks


Pain station 1–Push the pallet down
Pain station 2–American hammers
Pain station 3–Dips on the blocks



  • Block webs
  • 40 Flutter kicks IC


  • January 23rd Mens Leadership
  • 12:00 2nd F lunch today in Conway
  • We have 8 plus teams heading to Swamp fox. Hats off to Our Conway Pax heading up this event. There is still time to sign up and get on a team.


Thanks to my brothers to the west for having me out. I enjoyed seeing old and new faces. Way to push. Its always a pleasure to lead.



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