Wait- no water??

Wait- no water??

Workout Date:





Bling, Geno, One Call, Penelope, Valvano, Hoser, Flop

The Thang:

Weather- beautiful morning to roll!  about 68 at 4:15 this morning as I rolled into Bombsquad to see a few cars already there.  Waited for Valvano to pull in, as he had a bed full of sweet-smelling coupons recently secured!

we all followed his truck to the back field to unload…..Geno was last one there- just saying.

4:20 came quick as we finished the logs and made our way back to the lot to begin.

quick stretch of the shoulders/legs, and mental prep for the ruck workout (that had NO water).  we walked to the end of the corner church to begin, rucks on please.

corners- 10 merkins, 10 squats in Cadence.  jog the straight-aways.  all 4 corners to end up where we started.

next was the centipede merkin- 6 on the chain with feet on the shoulders of those behind.  1 leader to witness 1 solid merkin AS A TEAM.  great work here as the extra 30 pound ruck makes a huge difference.  great to do new/different exercises, I have a feeling we will see this one again boys………

rucks above heads, walk to larger lot- to the grass island looking down the painted parking spots.  Partner 1- rucks on chest.  broad jump to the 1st line, bear crawl the next 2 lines.  continue to end of lot, walk/mosey back to start.  partner 2- flutter kicks with rucks above head.  went thru 2 rounds with surprisingly no complaints/grunts (that I heard…)

circle up, rucks above heads.  each PAX did a 10 count- 70 total shoulder presses with rucks completed.

10-20 seconds to rest- then gave them the news we would buddy carry (or any other carry- just complete the task) back to the logs on the football field.  this was tough to say the least.  Hoser carried me, like a champ, I in turn carried him as well.  the team of One-Call/Valvano looked awesome, Geno passed me towards the end with his fist halfway up Flops……..  well, it was an awesome sight!

I was planning on doing some quick log PT, but with the time at 5:05, wanted to make sure we had enough time to go 4 miles and be back to the flag for 6:15.  instead, we carried all the logs back to the rear of the student center, where NO ONE will lift them and get rid of them!  9 one man logs, 2 two man logs (although Hoser just picked one up like a sack of potatoes and carried it alone). and 1 three man log.  One Call, Valvano and I attempted this thick piece, but once Valvano was under the log, it went about 7 feet in the air!  I left the middle and those 2 took the log for a bit.  I watched them struggle a little and replaced Valvano halfway to finish this beast with One Call.

Back at the start point, hydrate, change, and get ready for the 4 mile ruck.  we busted this in a blistering 1 hour.  Flop is just stupid quick with his pace- I think it might have something to do with Hoser wanted to stick his soccer cleats up Flop’s……  well, lets just say the conversations going on are awesome.  Props to Geno, he did the entire 4 mile wearing the same mask Bane wore in Batman.  He mentioned something about a trip West, but as you know, if you walk behind Hoser for any amount of time, stuff starts smelling funny…….

did 1 church square to complete the 4 mile (4.1 according to some GPS!) and met all the Bombsquad boys at the flag for 6:15.  Appreciate the opportunity to lead this morning, I thought it was a tough workout and all 7 busted humps and impressed me/each other.  Nice work kids!


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