1/14 F3 Knoxville Cardinal’s “Run and Repeat” VQ in memorial

1/14 F3 Knoxville Cardinal’s “Run and Repeat” VQ in memorial

Workout Date:





Boxcar, Brownbag (R), Rousey, Penelope, Elmers (R), Shaft, Coat Hanger, Humpback, ERC, Doughboy, Turnover (DR), Quaker (R), CrossStitch (AOQ), Speedbump (QIC)

The Thang:

Conditions: 40F with 17mph wind making it feel quite a bit colder, dry with a few puddles, cloudy.

Situation: 14 pax posted for a memorial beatdown honoring Cardinal, a fallen brother from F3 Knoxville, by completing his VQ plan.

The Thang: Cardinal’s V-Q


15-        Side Straddles Hops

10-        Tempo Merkins*

10-        Flutter Kicks Double Count

10-        Little Baby Arm Circles Forward

10-        “                “          Backward

10-        Hallujahs

10-       Knoxville Cherry Pickers (AKA Through the tunnel)

20 Sec. Samson Hold

PHELPS it out  

10-       Willie Mayes Hayes

Workout: “Card’s Run and Repeat”

5-    Burpees                                                Burpee Counter 10

         Big Boys

         Heels to Heaven

Run to the sign and repeat (each run to the sign is 160 meters)

10-  Burpees                                                 Burpee Counter 30

         Little Baby Crunches

         Mt. Climbers Double Count

Run to the sign and repeat

15-  Burpees                                                 Burpee Counter 60

         Air Squats

         Freddy Mercury’s

Run to the sign and repeat

When you return hold squat until all Pax have finished

As a group if there is time

20- Burpees                                                 Burpee Counter 100

Run to the sign and repeat (1,200 meters compleat which is ¾ of a mile)

Block Mary

Moleskin: Welcome to “Turnover” from DR Winston Salem. 4 Pax pre ran laps, 3 pax pre ran sprints. 10 Pax posted at cafeteria after the beatdown. A good Q to remember the mission and brotherhood of F3.

Announcements: Jan 28th Convergence. Jan 28th Laser tag w/ Ms and 2.0s. Feb 16th Freed to Bleed blood drive.

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