2018 Reps at The Village

2018 Reps at The Village

Workout Date:





Buffett, Crankbait

The Thang:

Weather – 18 degrees

As I drove up, Buffett was ready & waiting to get the New Year started at The Village. Unfortunately, no one else wanted to brave the Everest-like 6 degree wind chill. Can’t say that I blame them, looking back.  Haha.

1 minute warning given

Disclaimer given

Warmup with:

SSH x 25 IC

TTT x 25 IC

IW x 25 IC

LBAC x 20 IC (and backwards x25)

The Thang:

I planned a 2018 Rep workout to commemorate the New Year. I thought it might be a bit ambitious, but we got it done.

2000 reps were performed Dora 1-2-3 style while the other Pax ran a short lap:

SSH x 200

Carolina Dry Docks x 200

LBCs x 200

Squats x 200

Derkins x 100 + Incline Merkins x 100

Shoulder Presses x 200

Calf Raises x 200

Flutter Kicks x 200 (2 count)

Curb dips x 200

SSH x 200


We finished off with 18 burpees for the New Year, plus a round of Thunderstruck using flutter kicks and low holds.

Counterama 2


Pray it out

T-claps to Buffett for showing up in the weather. It’s always an honor to be a part of F3.  Let’s make 2018 a great year.

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