3/21/18 BB The Republic

3/21/18 BB The Republic

Workout Date:





Sitework, Super Dave, Grunt, Peach, Straplock, Prime, Bob the Builder

The Thang:

The PAX assembled to clearing skies, after a night of storms and hail around the area. It was a cool 45 degrees for the start of spring, but work was done! I gave the disclaimer and we began.

SSS, TTT, arm circles forward/reverse, and imperial walkers in cadence for a 25 count got the day going.

In honor of March Madness, I brought back the old 4 corners- for both halves of the beatdown!

The first half was a mosey to the sandlot. We started with 10 2-count mountain climbers, then to the next corner and add 10 2-count plank jacks, over a corner and 10 LBC’s, and finally to the top for an added 10 big boy sit ups. Reverse the 4 corners and drop a set back to the start.

The second half was a mosey to the corner of the old courthouse, and because of the distance, was a modified 4 corners. Grab a coupon and start with 25 curls, then 25 presses, and finish with 25 tricep presses. Run to the corner and back- coupon optional. Repeat at 20 reps, then 15, and finish the 4th segment with 10.

We then took a mosey to Main Street for #22kills to remember the 22 veterans that commit suicide daily.

Ease back to the SF and circle up. Announcements and prayer requests were shared. I prayed us out and sent the PAX out on a mission to be light in the darkness.


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