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Kitten, High Interest, Skid mark, Boxcar, Soft wood (visiting from Charlotte), Sunshine, Hot tub, Rubber

The Thang:

It was a nice 53 degrees when I pulled into the parking lot at the Hulk at 5:06. Sunshine (and the shovel flag) arrived right after me, and Hot tub joined us around 5:10 for the 1.7 mile run to the Village. Soft wood was the only one already at the Village when we arrived. The other five trickled in, with Rubber even arriving with almost two minutes to spare.

The thang:

Today’s workout was based on the numbers in the date (3-6-18). So we warmed up with 3 laps around the perimeter of the AO. This was followed by 6 burpees oyo, and a mosey to the playground for a set of 18’s (like 11’s or 21’s) with dips and box jumps.

We repeated the 3-6-18 pattern (sort of) by pairing up for a Dora-style routine of 30 burpees, 60 big boys, and 180 4-count flutter kicks. While one partner exercised, the other partner ran from the basketball court wall to the fence along 67th Ave. and back. About half-way through the 180 flutter kicks, I called an audible, and we switched to 2-count flutter kicks, to the joy of everyone.

We closed the workout by moseying back to the parking lot and doing 3 sets of gassers, 6 wind sprints, and another round of 18’s (this time with squats and merkins). We made it about half-way through this set of 18’s before time was called.

Everybody did great pushing through all the running. Aside from the exercises, the PAX who didn’t run to and from the Village still got 3-3.5 miles of running in during the workout. Those who ran to and from the AO got around 6.8. Way to go! And no tabata. Even better!


  • 3rd F tonight at 6:30 (watch video ahead of time if you have the chance)
  • This Thursday night: another Team Dad event at Riverside Elementary (get with Beaker for more details)
  • Keep signing up for the dragon boat race.

Prayer requests:

  • Continued prayers for Sawdust
  • Hot tub’s daughter’s mentor had a heart attack at 56

Thanks to everyone who came out this morning. If you weren’t there, you were missed!

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