Blackbeard Loves Show Tunes and Freezing Cold

Blackbeard Loves Show Tunes and Freezing Cold

Workout Date:





Say What, Cheesy Biscuit, Dabo (QIC), Flossy, Papa Smurf, Low Tide

The Thang:


The Thang:

Conditions were clear but COLD, we started out in the low 30’s and then it got really warm – MID 30’s! I thought I was going to take my shirt off.


This was my VQ so some things went well and some things need refinement. I forgot to give the 1 minute warning so we got straight to work. We did give the Disclaimer because I don’t want Say What having One Call sue me for posing as a professional personal trainer.




Side Straddle Hop 20X

Baby Arm Circles 20X forward and 20X backward

Imperial Walkers 20X

Windmills 20X

Mountain Climbers 20X

Burpees 10X

Merkins 20X

Squats 20X


Mosey to the soccer field.



– Circuit 1 –

Instructions were for everyone to partner up for 3 rounds of alternating exercises. The partner assigned to go down/back was supposed to SING something so the guy “staying put” knows how close his partner is getting.

Round 1- Partner 1 stays for Flutter Kicks / Partner 2 Bear crawls and SINGS

Round 2 – Partner 1 stays to Plank / Partner 2 Lunges and SINGS

Round 3 – Partner 1 stays for LBC’s / Partner 2 Backward Sprint and SINGING!


– Circuit 2 –

We mosey over to the covered shed to use the picnic tables.

Three Back to Back sets with 10 seconds rest in between: Calf Raises / Wall Sits / Squats. Cheesy Biscuit wanted to do 300 of each – we settled for 25 per set I think.


Circle Of Trust

Count off – 5 pax +6th on Q = 6 Total


F3 name, Real Name, Age – Well….I forgot to do this part. Hope you guys know each other already. Suck it up.


-Prayer Requests:

Flossy has a patient with cancer in places on the body. Needs prayer please.

Papa Smurf lost a friend Peggy to a non-alcohol liver failure.

Cheesy Biscuit asked for prayers for the upcoming Mud Run and it’s F3 participants

Prayed and Closed for the day.




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