Strong Shoulders

Strong Shoulders

Workout Date:





Sunshine, Buffett, Flyover, Chewy, Stonehenge, El Redcardo, Skid mark, Varsity, Bobsled, Rubber, Boxcar

The Thang:

It was about 50 degrees, best morning in a long time. No coupons, No burpees, just body weight today. 11 strong men braved some shoulder work, plank hurdles and some ending “catch me, if you can”.

Warm-up – Mosey to first area, side of parking lot.

25 SSH In Cadence and 25 TTT in Cadence

Mosey around the baseball field and back to the parking lot. 50 LBC’s OYO and 50 Ballerina Toe Touches OYO.

From there, we braved the famous parking lot lines of the Bombsquad. Bear walk and push up challenge on each line.

Mosey back around the baseball field to the side building.

Partnered up – Plank Mericans 25 each

The workout from here got more intense:

Partner up – One partner was balls to the wall as the other partner did:

300 Cherry Pickers

250 Squats

150 Sumo Squats

100 Big Boys

We did sets of 25 and from there switched partners.

Moving on – We did some plank hurdles – 1 lap around the parking lot – One person planks as the other PAX jump over them, giving themselves about 5 yards of space, they drop to plank and the line continues. Fun!

Next Step – Catch me if you can – 2 rounds with partners – 6 LBC’s – Partner runs backwards, other partner tries to catch them. 2 reps

Final rep – Full 100 yard sprint

Back to the COT – 25 Bobby Hurley’s

Announcements, Pray requests, Pray us out!


Always fun leading – All got better – Until next time!


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