33 DEGRESS OF DIFFICULTY – Killington on Q

33 DEGRESS OF DIFFICULTY – Killington on Q

Workout Date:



Bryce McElroy - Killington


Hedge Hog, Judge Judy, Skimmer, Elmer's and Crabs

The Thang:

Fandor GIF | Giphy, Movie scenes, Skiing

A very brisk 33 Degrees at the most this morning. May have only been 30, but my Q was already set from last nights weather report which inspired my Q “33 Degrees of Difficulty”

F3 Mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

*Disclaimer* – blah, blah, blah….


Side straddle hops x 33

Harry rockets x 15

Imperial walkers x 15

Hillbillies x 15

Through the Tunnel – OYO

Little baby arm circles x 15 forward & reverse

Over head presses x 15

Side straddle hop x 33


The Thang:

Mossie to the cross:

33 Rocky balboas

33 dips

33 step ups

Mossied to the Coupon pile and then to big parking lot.

4 corners with mossie in between rounds:

Corner 1:

33 merkins OYO

33 should taps alternating

33 count – plank lower position

Corner 2:

33 Mountain climbers

33 carolina dry docks

33 bucket brigade lunges w/ block

Corner 3:

33 LBC’s

33 frog crunches

33 calf raises

Corner 4:

33 curls for girls

33 overhead presses

33 Apolo oh no’s with block


Mary & stretching:

Johnny cockroaches x 15

American hammers x 15

Heels to heaven x 15

Really slow flutter kicks x 15

Missing one – can’t remember what PAX called out!

Iron cross x 7 (We couldn’t another one!!!!)


Circle of trust:

Praying for O’Doul’s (Metzger) family as they say good bye to a loved one today that suddenly passed away last week. Prayed for Hedge Hog’s family and his step-mom for recovery and safe travels after her surgery.

Great work this morning in the Gloom! Until Next time! Killington Out!



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