Ultimate Hoff!

Ultimate Hoff!

Workout Date:





Goldberg, Peach, Straplock, Superdave, Saved by the Bell

The Thang:

440AM… PreRun.

Peach and Goldberg.

Peach ran I think… 3.5 miles. Myself, let’s just say… much less. 3 month old 2.0 had me up watching reruns of Sportcenter all night. I guess some dude that plays for the Cavaliers made a big mistake last night?

I will say, we sprinted a few times, and to my suprise, Peach only beat me by 1 or 2 school bus lengths. I’m getting there. Trust the process.

510AM… Superdave rolls in first, followed by Straplock… and then, out of the abyss at 514AM a mini cooper or some kind of smart car appears… and it’s none other than Saved by the Bell. Hellos, Happy Fridays, How you doing were exchanged, and then we took off at 515AM.

Saved by the Bell took the lead and quickly had us headed off our normal path (which is always great) and we took a scenic back alley approach to the first mile or so of our Ultimate run. After a little small talk and perspiration SuperDave took the reigns and headed down Laurel street for several blocks and then out to Main Street. It was at this very look moment I realized, sprinting with Peach was an UNGOOD idea. My legs began to disagree with what my mind had planned for them. Slowly, SuperDave, Straplock, Peach and Saved by the Bell pulled away into the beautiful darkness of downtown Conway. QIC realized, maybe I should modify this run in order to get back home by noon… so I took a shortcut while the others kept up a solid pace. They may have left me today, but they missed out on an epic playlist! Billy Idol, Springsteen, Clapton etc… kept my worn legs churning… slowly.

All and All we ended up at the same spot at the end and each man got better today!

Continued prayers for SuperDaves daughter as doctors are still searching for a solution for her ongoing Migraines. And prayers for SuperDave himself through this trying time.

QIC prayed us out.

Until next time, STAY ULTIMATE guys! Chase the IRON FLAG! Get outta bed, get better.

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