4 corners

4 corners

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Lombardi, Rubber, Jingles (respect), Brown Bag (respect), Boxcar, Crankbait, Quaker, Skidmark, Texas Ranger, El Red Cardo, Humpback, O'Douls,

The Thang:

Bombsquad- the AO 5 minutes from my house!  Love the mumble chatter for “Big Monday” at BS- saw the opening last month and grabbed myself Easter Monday to Q.  Sent out a tweet, saw Brown Bag replied with a Mr T gif, and knew I needed to bring some special.  “My prediction for the fight…….PAIN”. (Rocky III reference for you youngsters)

Weather- 51 and clear, still that crisp winter air about- didnt seem to bother Crankbait showing up in shorts and a tee!  Usually crowd at BS, although it did have a “Warthog” feeling as Jingles, Lombardi, and Hamburglar pulled in.  14 in all as I gave a solid disclaimer telling the PAX not to hurt themselves.  Walked to the end of the parking lot corner as I heard mumbles about One Call’s absence and if there was an issue in Utopia.  (All is fine gents, please do not fear)

circle up- 22Merkins IC (#22Kills) 20 Tempo squats IC- Mosey to next corner.

circle up- 20 CDD IC, 20 SSH IC- Mosey to next corner.

circle up- 20 flutters IC, 20 Hello Dolly IC- Mosey to last corner.

circle up- 20 TTT IC, 20 IW IC. mosey to the start point to complete square.

3 Sprints.  Stop at each corner and do crunches.  20 at start, 30 at 2nd corner, 40 at 3rd corner, 50 at last corner.  Solid form please.  I wanted to stop at the corner near the coupons, but since Hamburglar, Brown Bag Humpback can’t follow simple directions, I figured we would repeat the sprints- MUCH TO THE DELIGHT OF THE GROUP!

3 sprints again- this time we would do squats together IC.  15 at 1st corner, 15 at 2nd corner, and 20 at last (3rd corner close to the coupons!). Calling cadence was tough for me as I was out of breath!  sorry!

grab a block and a partner please, meet back at corner for instructions……

partner 1- AMRAP flutters while holding block above head.  Partner 2- mosey with block to 1st corner, 5 staggered merkins each side, leave block and mosey back to switch positions.  Grade of a B- for the instructions.  we can do better people!  #JinglesonlyJingles

Round 2- Partner 1 AMRAP overhead press or hold with block.  Partner 2- mosey with block to the 2nd corner and repeat the merkins, leave block and mosey back to switch positions.  Nice work here gents- the longer run and longer presses got brutal quickly!

Round 3- partner 1 AMRAP overhead lunges (or hold again) Partner 2- mosey with block to 3rd corner and repeat merkins, leave block and mosey back to switch.  This was the worst round- and shoulders were sore, groans were heard for 2 miles.   gave a 10 second rest

circle up with blocks (as Skidmark gave me the 0605 timer).  Round of 20 Overhead presses IC (4 count), then into 15 tricep extensions without break.  Dang.

Round 2 was 20 more overhead presses and then 15 curls.  Arms done, PAX complaining, shoulders on fire, we walked the coupons back and met up at the flag, some mad, others tired…… TIME

14 strong

Announcements- Dragon Boat practice Friday, Sunshine on Q Sat before races.  TV crew at Warthog Thursday, assuming they want me in a speedo again….

CCU Baseball game 2nd F event- news coming this week on that!

Prayers- Rubber and his incredible efforts moving people, Sri Lanka, Jemison, unspoken.


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