4 Corners and Quarter pounders

4 Corners and Quarter pounders

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The Thang:

The thang:



windmills x20

arm circles x 20

22 merkins oyo

Mosey to big parking lot where Chewy had us doing plank hurdles at a set distance in the lot.  Next we moved to the baseball area where we started 150 dips 100 squats and 75 incline merkins.  At this point time was getting close so I had to take my turn at Q!

We took a quick mosey to the big lot for 4 corners.  Merkins, Sumo squats, big boys and american hammers at the corners x25.  After each corner head to the center of the lot for 5 burpees! Rinse and repeat until all 4 stations are complete.

Next its time for burpee lot….  32 lines 32 burpees down and back. Then we took a mosey to the back lot where I had the quarter pounder cones set up and ready to go.

cone 1 25 yards and 25 merkins sprint back to start

cone 2 50 squats

cone 3 75 mountain climbers

cone 4 100 SSH

After we completed this round I looked at my watch and said we have time for round two! Of course time was close so I had to modify!  Changed each cone to 5,10,15 and 20 we had to push the pace to get the last round in but we made it.

announcements:  Ground Zero block party,  Friday night tail gate at CFHS.

Prayer:  tans lines for a quick recovery, Chewy’s friend at church with health problems..


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