5 for 5!

5 for 5!

Workout Date:



Rousey (led from the rear of the pack!)


Fergie, Hoser, Bling and Headgear

The Thang:

Conditions: Friggin cold and windy! 29. I just mowed my yard 5 days prior in shorts and t-shirt.

YHC (QIC) on Q at #Waverucker (WR). Trying to re-work my schedule to get back to posting every few months as the benefits of rucking as a low impact alternative to running as well as the opportunity to fellowship are rolled into one awesome combo! 4 other Pax joined me in the cold #gloom this morning…

Good morning, abbreviated disclaimer, #mumblechatter, and off we went… 

Route: Forbus Ct. to ocean access (Nash St.) by Springmaid pier. 5sh mile round trip.

Completed at 0548.

Wrapped it up early with a COT / BOM…and 3 of us went to Dunkin Donuts for coffeteria. 

NMMS 1: Strong work today at WR!  Brisk pace set by the veteran ruckers. Enjoyed catching up with Pax that I hadn’t seen in awhile.

Announcement (point of emphasis here): If you’re desiring to take part in next Thursday’s 2F at Black Dog Running Co., (see Slack for details) let Shoeless know asap so he finalize it and submit to BDRC with good numbers.

Honor to lead!