Rain Yet Nice

Rain Yet Nice

Workout Date:





Headgear, Hamburglar, Varsity, Geno, Corkscrew

The Thang:

The Thang


63 and raining

As I got ready to head out to Q at #Warthog I heard the rain coming down. This is still better than the 27 degree morning Tuesday we had and I wondered what the numbers would be like. As I arrived, early as usual, I saw no signs of any Pax. finally around 520 I see Geno pull up and then Hamburglar. We get out to stretch in between downpours and out of the darkness walks up Headgear #Flashstyle. 1 min warning given and we see headlights turn up the road, Varsity has arrived. Of course Geno suggest the parking garage, guessing he doesn’t want to get his hair wet, buy I settle for a quick mosey to the shelter of tables to begin the COP

Disclaimer given and Varsity catches up


10 Burpees OYO

WMill x25 IC

TTT x25 IC


Reverse x25IC

CPickers x25IC

Overheadclaps x25IC

SSH x25 IC

22 merkins OYO

We mosey to the parking deck and as we pass the FIA ladies they jump as I guess 5 guys running up behind them was not what they expected at 540 in the morning. As we get to the first level wall sits are called for 30 seconds.

The Next Thing

BLIMPS were explained to the pax and would be preformed solo at each 1/2 landing of parking deck.

Burppes x5

Lunges x10 each leg

IWalkers x15

Merkins x20

PlankJacks x25

Squats x30   Run to next level turn of ramp and repeat. We did this at four turn levels and as we reached the third level (fifth turn) we ran to the stairs to keep Geno’s hair dry. #jealousguyspeaking

As we landed back at level 1 Q called out a few exercises


20 Heels to heaven

wallsit another 30 seconds

Mosey back to tables for Mary


Freddy Mercs x15IC

Heels to heaven x 15IC

Flutter kicks x 15 IC

Hello Dollies x15 IC

Pax call out till time is called


Count O Rama 5

Name O Rama

Prayer request for all involved in Gov shutdown



YHC has been a #Kotter through the Holidays and first of the year with many excuses from work, travel to Fartsacking. It was great to get back out this week and start with a great Hamburglar beatdown Tuesday and then try and lead the group with sore muscles and all. Everyone get on the Q sheet and let’s have another great F3Grandstrand Year in 2019!




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