62 HIM’s+9 FNG’s+7 AO’s+F3 GrandStrand=Happy 3rd Anniversary!!!

62 HIM’s+9 FNG’s+7 AO’s+F3 GrandStrand=Happy 3rd Anniversary!!!

Workout Date:



Papa Smurf


Say What, Penelope, Varsity, Skidmark, Peach, Viagra (Respect), Franklin, Blush, Boxcar, Mr Jingles, Snookie, Runoff, Vladimir (2.0), Bubbles, Rousey, Heisenberg (Respect), OneCall, Skimmer, Flash, Corkscrew, Pedro (Whiteville), Podcast, Billboard, High Interest, Weedeater, Flyover, Cheezy Biscuit, Whittle, Stewie, Bob the Builder, Blacktop (Respect), Lombardi, Schlitz (on camera), GrassPatch, Hoser, Punch Bug, Handrail, Geno, Handy Mandy, Crankbait, Sunshine, Esau, Studebaker, Early Bird, Bling, Papa Smurf (D Respect), Buffett, Barbie, Bluegrass, Sister Act (visiting Gastonia), Beaker, Vitamin D, Picasso, FNG's (Dos Equis, Lumbar, Snips, Tonto, O'Douls, Pat Down, Floppy Foot, Zelda 2.0, Lil Knob 2.0

The Thang:


  • Mid 70’s, clear with slight breeze
  • If there is one word expressing what took place at Warthog on Saturday it would be AWESOMENESS! For those of you who couldn’t make it, YHC is sorry. You really missed out! 62 HIM’s and all 7 AO’s were represented. 9 FNG’s! Is that a F3 GrandStrand record? Really looking forward to F3 GrandStrand’s  4th Anniversary!!
  • Anticipating the big day and not being able to sleep (maybe 3-4 hrs), Papa climbed arrived on scene at 0530. Planted Blackbeard’s shovel-flag , grabbed my 12 orange cones and 4 larger orange cones, courtesy MBPD to set out. With my morning devotion in one hand and morning joe in the other, I found a quiet place and park bench. Counting my blessing and giving thanks!
  • At about 0645, I mozy toward COP, where some of the “best” are beginning to chatter. Greetings, smiles, handshakes, along with fist-bumps. A lot of faces YHC hasn’t seen for some time.
  • 2 minute warning
  • 1 minute warning
  • At 0700, the DISCLAIMER was given
  • COP
  • TTT x 20 IC
  • Imp Squat Walkers x 20 IC
  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Windmills x 20 IC
  • BBSU x 20 OYO
  • Mt Climbers x 20 IC
  • Mosey to large soccer field where 4 orange cones (courtesy of MBPD) are set.
  • The Thang
  • Instructed the Pax to divide equally at 4 cones, 30 yds x 100 yds. 3 different 1 minute exercises (3 min total)
  • celebrating our 3rd anniversary!  Cone #1 Imp Squat Walkers, LBC, Hello Dollie  Cone #2 Boxcutters, CDD, Bobby Hurleys  Cone #3 SSH, American Hammers, Plank Jacks   Cone #4  Flutter Kicks, Burpees, Squats.  PAX will carioca the 100 yds and bear crawl the 30 yds.
  •  Next exercise is… Jack Webb counting up to seven!
  • Mosey back to field where we did our Warm-O-Rama and lined up on cones.
  • Wilt Chamberlains (who NBA record of 100 pts remains) is the next drill.
  • 100 LBC’s, run 100′  100 Squats, run back 100′  100 Lunges (5o each leg)
  • Time!
  • Mary- Pax Choice
  • Sweat Angels, Crunchy Frogs, SSH, Flutter Kicks
  • COT
  • Count-O-Rama   53 HIM’s with 9 FNG. 1 downrange from NC.
  • BOM by Lombardi  (prayer for F3 PAX and their families, being blessed and being a blessing to others)
  • Announcements
  • Whittle & Q presented F3 patch. Coffee and donuts at picnics tables, courtesy F3 GrandStrand
  • OneCall letting the FNG’s what our mission statement is all about and explaining the second F, the GLUE.
  • Moleskin
  • It was an honor for PS to lead on this day. Happy 3rd Anniversary F3 GrandStrand!!
  • For the F3 shirt, coffee mug, tumbler and patch… Thank You
  • Sorry for the blunder on my part. (Name-O-Rama at COT)
  • Aye
  • Papa Smurf

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  1. This was truly a momentous day!!! To have PAX from 14 to 69.9 was a true testament to the Brotherhood that we have found and are part of! It was an honor to be out there with all of you and to humbly be led by you Papa Smurf. You are who we aspire to be and you always lead with dignity, courage and by true #HIM example. Thank you for all you do for our region. Thank you to all the PAX and all they do for the region. Thank you to the FNG’s who checked us out and will hopefully continue to post. As new men are invigorated, we are all invigorated and we can all go forth and have an impact!!! Aye Brothers!!! SYITG

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