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Bling, Headgear, Lombardi, Rousey, Hamburglar, Valvano, Boxcar, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

Continued hot and humid

1st of 3 Qs this week.  Why?  I don’t know, sounded good!  Knock em out and do different things at 3 unique AO’s.  I decided on Doug Shaw for this #ElevationMonday cause it fit best with the workout planned – which was planned around some bum knees.  There was a lot of chatter of posting in Bling’s bed, but his M was having nothing to do with it.  I think the exact quote was “I barely want Jon in here, you think I want you other stinky guys here???”  Or something like that.  YHC tried to entice Flop to post since stairs are not his friend, by telling him the workout was 72% track and field and only 28% stairs.   Still no dice.  But got Rousey out there!!!  All our regulars came out as expected, except Hoser still getting settled from vacay and who was missed.  Then Hamburglar came on out.  I told him to bring his ruck and that weight thing he has.  He showed up with the weight thing only.  17 lbs.  So weak.  HA!  He basically ran probably another mile on top of our 3.5 miles.  And he kept grabbing other guys 60 lb sandbags to help out!  Animal.  He needs a partner for the 50 miler in DC.  Surely somebody wants to run this thing with him??  Let’s go!  Sign up!

Anyhow, here is what we did:

1 minute warning and disclaimer.

Nice little mosey sans ruck around the track to get the blood flowing – from one side of the bleachers around to the other, then up and down the bleachers, each set (4).  Get to your ruck and alternate between 10 reps of curls and 10 of tricep extensions on the 6.  Had some modifies in place for Flop, Rousey, and YHC if the knees acted up.  No Flop as stated.  Rousey cranked it.  YHC did all he could.

Do this again with rucks on – not moseying, “just” rucking but same track and bleacher routine.  Stay together for this one.

Do this again with rucks and sandbags.  Again, stay together as best we could.  This was insanity.  Bling wanted the workout done at this point.  He was not the only one.  25 minutes in and our legs were shaking.  A lap and then 4 sets of bleachers with an average of probably an extra 100 lbs on your back.

Modification to weinke here – recover in some way.  Mosey a lap, walk half a lap.  Some combo.  Just get some blood moving again and catch your breath from the weighted torture lap and stairs.

OK – On the goal line with rucks and sandbags (keep both on if you can; but modify as needed of course)

Back and forth every 10 yards.
For odd 1st  number – i.e, 10, 30, 50, 30, 10 – walk to line and back
For even 1st number – i.e., 20, 40, 40, 20, goal – mosey to line and back – haven’t moseyed with 100 extra lbs in a while.   Sheesh.

That was tiring so stole something from the pay workout group next to us.  8 of us – 4 groups.  1 PAX farmer carry ruck in 1 hand, sandbag in other.  Go to 50.  drop. Switch hands. Back.  PAX waiting do some core exercise of your choice – LBC’s or Flutters.  Flip Flop.

Back to the back and forth – this time, leave sandbag and just wear rucks.  Walk and mosey as above. Exhausting.  At the end, I made the fast guys (Valvano, Hamburglar, and Boxcar) race a 200 yd dash since they were ahead of the rest of us.  Only V had a 50+ lb ruck.  Boxcar carries 8 lb.  Hamburglar his 17 lb thingy.   I’ll let the 3 of them battle for weight, time, speed claims of who was the champion!

“We can stop early” was heard.  Nah, I had a bunch more planned, but really wanted to try this:

PERFECT SQUATS.  DO NOT CHEAT.  15 with ruck and sandbag.  Drop sandbag, 15 with ruck.  Drop ruck, 15 body weight.


Count-O-Rama – 8
Prayer requests Kiwi and family
Prayer requests Headgear daughter and family
Prayer requests for teachers and students and schools are getting geared back up
Prayer requests families in general, travels, country
Prayers unspoken

That was a great push.  I had quite a bit more planned.  I think that will return and hopefully we get better each time and get a little more of it done!!!
Really strong work here by everyone.

– #FreedToBleed – October 30 – stay tuned for sign up and details from Soto
– 2.0 Tuesday night summer workouts are HUGE.  Be there!!!
– GrowRuck in March/April 2021 – Weekend of Leadership Development Training – No experience needed.  Read some BB’s or AAR’s on these things.  They are amazing opportunities for each of us to grow personally as leaders and to help our region reach new levels!  Nothing to be scared of non-ruckers.   You can handle it with a little training and guidance from the ruckers.  #AnythingSotoCanDoEveryoneElseCanDoBetter
– Weasel trying to set up (FINALLY) some #2ndF date nights/lunches/get togethers whatever!  Check it in Slack in #2ndF channel.


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