Guest Q from Race City at #Warthog

Guest Q from Race City at #Warthog

Workout Date:



Chief (GUEST Q)


OneCall, Franklin, Jeff Hoover – FNG – KNA – Bagless, Bam Bam, Mudslide, Flop, Billboard, Kenwood, Geno, Boom Boom, Bubbles, Studebaker, Flash

The Thang:

As a guest Q I wanted to get there early to scout out the area, other than Google Mags. I arrived early for a Pre-Ruck and was greeted by Billboard who was ready with old faithful for a 10 mile bike ride: Soon Mudslide slipped in wearing tights with no shorts, in NC those are not legal in the F3 circle. But finding out that a 10 mile bike ride was in the future I looked the other way. Luckily I did not notice those being worn during the actual workout. Flop showed up to ruck with the Q and we set out on a 3-miler through the tiny rabbit forest trail and to check out the perimeter of the airport. As we returned we witnessed the illegal use of the dumpsters by a Pax that will be unnamed as to secure his identity, though he was called out by Flop, I am pretty sure his tax money gives him some right to use said dumpster.

Warm-O-Rama :

The pax got in the plank position to wait and listen for the disclaimer, as we did have an FNG – Jeff Hoover in our mists.

Mosey to flag for a Pledge of Allegiance to start the day off right, followed by …

SSH X 15
1- Burpee
IST X 15
2- Burpee’s
Cotton Picker X 15
3 – Burpee’s
Merkins X 10
4 – Burpee’s
LBC x 15
5 – Burpee’s
The Thang :

Mosey to picnic tables :

Dips X 15
Incline Merkins X 15
Dips X 10
Incline Merkins X 10
Dips X 8
Incline Merkins X 8
Mosey to small hill : there was a name for it but I can’t remember :

Quadrofiliac : to top of hill – 15 LBC – down other side – Quadro back up 15 – LBC – Plank to wait on six
Bear craw to top of hill – 15 LBC – bear crawl down other side and back up 15- LBC – bear crawl down to plank and wait on six
Crab Walk to top of hill – 15 LBC – crab walk down other side and back up 15 – LBC – crab walk down to plank and wait on six.

Mosey to parking lot circling back to get six on the way :

The Prostitute : well really a short version as the normal continues to 30 reps and then back down …
5 – Burpee’s to start
Corner #1 – 5 merkins
Back to start 5- Burpee’s
Corner # 1 – 5 Merkins
Corner # 2 – 5 Squats
Corner #1 – 5 Merkins
Start 5 – Burpee’s
Corner # 1 – 5 Merkins
Corner # 2 – 5 Squats
Corner #3 – 5- Carolina Dry Docks
Corner # 2 – 5 Squats
Corner # 1 – 5 – Merkins
Start – 5 – Burpee’s
Catch up to six and finish as a group

At this point the Q was feeling the extra heat of the Warthog southern heat wave and decided to stay in the shade of the mulch pile for some more ab exercises:

Low Flutter X 15
Homer to Marge X 5 or 6
Freddie Mercury X 15

Mosey back to parking lot while circling back to get six :

Circle up plank for some marking time bomb action :
Merkin around circle Q started with 1 and each Pax did 1 merkin while staying in the plank position until it reached Q and Q did 2 etc…continued till we reached 5:
Squat Time Bomb was suggested by One Call – 1 to 5 as above :
Burpee Time Bomb was suggested by Mudslide – 1 to 5 as above :
Recover – Recover

Moleskin :

Thanks for letting a visiting Q take the reign’s. I imagine you guys may be ready for the visiting PAX to go home so you can Q for a while:
It was great getting to know some of you guys, strong work by all.
Bam Bam and Boom Boom keep up the good work and great to know Bam Bam has not missed a workout since he started..keep it up.

Bagless I hope you keep coming back as you will only get stronger.

Flop thanks for the Ruck and tour. Hope to visit again an continue to see new faces.

Please visit RaceCity if you’re in the area and I forgot the PAX who has a brother or brother in-law in our area, please let him know he is welcome and we run on our Thursday AO

Thanks for the patch and thanks for the – tribute it gives .


Daniel Dougherty

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