8 x 8 x 8 ad infinity = 5 Tons of Weight

8 x 8 x 8 ad infinity = 5 Tons of Weight

Workout Date:





Rousey, Bling, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

44 mostly

As always on Thursday nights, there is much #mumblechatter in the Slack Channel KB group.  Geno pretending he is gonna post.  Billboard debating if he will (depending on how much he has already lifted the night before).  Flash, well, he’s gone from KB’s and we don’t know why.  We have heard excuses, but we think it’s a CBD.   Flyover came once.  We used to have some come from the Inlet.  Wolverine gave a solid HC, then a NC (M overruled).  Penelope pretending he’s a HC by triple checking the start time, even though it’s posted clearly on the Nation website and our website – which he runs!! – and Twitter and the App.  Of course, no show.  Missed Hoser as well, and Bubbles and Varsity who have posted here once upon a time.  We do miss Bluegrass, but he’s busy with the limited weight at #SouthernBells getting Conway men stronger!!

Anyhow, for the 3 #HIM that posted, we cranked out a ton of weight and a ton of reps.  1 minute warning and disclaimer.

The weights in tow were:
80, 2 x 50, 2 x 40, 36, 2 x 30, 2 x 20

Round 1 – The WARM-UP
Swings.  Every weight.  One arm.  8 reps with each arm.  If you need to switch to 2 arm, say, around the 80, that’s ok.
Basically, 152 swings.  Yeah, that was quite a warm-up

Round 2
20’s – 1 arm overhead press lunges
30’s – hold both, lunges
36 – Thrusters
40’s – Thrusters
50’s – Goblet Squats
80 – 1 arm deadlift

Round 3
20’s – Merkin with a T-press
30’s – Merkin with a double 1 arm row
36 – Skip
40’s – Bench
50’s – Bench
80 – Diamond merkins

Round 4
Shoulders and Back
20’s – Presses
30’s – Presses
36 – Presses
40’s – Press 1; then 1 arm row other
50’s – Press 1; then 1 arm row other
80 – 1 arm rows #DragonBoatTraining

Round 5
20’s – Skip
30’s – Skip
36 – Skip
40’s – Hold em and calf raises
50’s – Hold em and calf raises
80 – Hold it and calf raises

Round 6
20’s – Concentration curls and Kickbacks
30’s – Concentration curls and Kickbacks
36 – Curls and extensions
40’s – Curls and extensions
50’s – Curls and extensions or skullcrushers; 2 arm if you need to (even though you are not at #SouthernBells)
80 – Thanks Bling for the great idea of Negatives!!!   Diamond Merkins


Count-O-Rama – 3
Prayer requests for YHC, Rousey, and Bling and various happenings!!
Prayer requests unspoken

– What a great time we have.  If you can post at #BeachBells or #SouthernBells, DO IT.  Totally different type of bootcamp and something new and awesome for everyone!

– Be sure to check out our regional website. All local information is on that!
– TOMORROW – December 16 – Ugly Christmas Sweater Convergence workout at #Warthog – this one is always a blast!  Be there!!  Bring FNG’s!  Bring #Kotters!  Don’t miss being in that picture!  You don’t want to miss what Bling will be wearing #BorrowedFromOneCall’sCloset #TooSmall
– Operation Christmas Child!!!  Bring gifts tomorrow!!  Peterbilt and Crankbait on Q for this and have set up local delivery.  CHANGE OF ORIGINAL DATE – NOW – WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 20 at 4:30 PM!  See here.
– If you haven’t taken the poll I circulated and posted in #mumblechatter, please do!!  There is also one for the M’s.  This will help us prepare to go into 2018 STRONG and with PURPOSE!!!  If you need these polls and aren’t in slack, feel free to email me – taborcitylawyer@yahoo.com – and I will send them.
– Handy Manny and Crankbait will be co-Q’ing as our #3rdF #HIM starting in 2018!!  There is a google form here to fill out to get them data to figure out what will work best!
– Don’t forget our newest official sub-AO #WaveRucker on Wednesdays from 0430-0615 at #Warthog. 4 mile either pre or post ruck, with a 45 minute RUCK WOD.  Hoser is the AOQ of this!  Rousey loved his 1st foray into this!!



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