Coupon Pain Stations

Coupon Pain Stations

Workout Date:





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The Thang:


74 degrees, humid as heck, and rain on the horizon.


YHC rolled into the AO Early with a truckful of coupons, and began setting up some pain stations. Peterbilt was also an early riser and helped YHC move some logs into place.

The Thang:

SSH x 34

Grabbed the 70lb punching bag for a little weighted indian run around the lake next to the ball fields to get the blood pumping.

Partnered up for pain stations, which were as follows:

Pain Stations:
1. 2x 50lb kettlebell farmers carry, Partner does 34 merkins.
2. 1x 80lb kettlebell chest carry, Partner holds Al Gore.
3. Steel plate bearcrawl Drag, Partner does 34 Big Boys
4. Large sandbag carry, Partner does 34 4-count Flutters
5. Log flip, Partner does burpees AMRAP
6. Hairburners, Partner planks until his turn.
7. Fireman carry down and back, each partner
8. 20 log squats w/ partner
9. 34 ruck curls, partner does 34 merkins
10. 34 overhead ruck presses, partner does 34 carolina dry-docks
Rinse and repeat for the next 45 minutes.
Rolled the small log to the center of the field, then we did an overhead inchworm with the log to the edge of the field.
Back to the other log, and then a log flip to the end and time to put up the logs.
OneCall called for burpees for the last 4 minutes of time, and then time was called.
It’s always a pleasure to lead, and I hope I brought something different than the normal.

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