90lb Coupon!

90lb Coupon!

Workout Date:





Wonton, Peach, Bluegrass, Butterfly, Tag Team, HoeDown, Etch-a-sketch, Magnum, Whittle(QIC)

The Thang:

After visiting Waverucker on Wednesday, it inspired me to incorporate something ruck related in our workout. With limited time I came up with a make-shift wooden stretcher with some scrap 2x4s. In the middle I was able to strap down two 45lb olympic plates. This was carried whenever we mosey’d and was shared by all! There was also some concern about there being too little weight, so I guess we’ll see the next time this makes an appearance!

The conditions: 32°

Pre-run: Wonton, Etch a Sketch, Bluegrass

Disclaimer given

Warm – Up
Side straddle hops x20– IC
Merkins x10 – OYO
Imperial walkers x15 – IC
Burpees x5– OYO
Hillbillies x10 – IC
Windmills x15 – IC

Mosey to field

Modified DoraBack pedal uphill, run downhill
100 merkins
100 LBCs + 100 Big Boys
250 Squats

Mosey through baseball fields to Big Lots: pick up six, and stop at bleachers
25 Dips – OYO

Quick Four Corners
5 big boys
10 decline push ups
Victory lap to collect cones

Mosey back for Mary


Count-o-rama: 9

Prayer Requests
Etch-a-sketch: Young child going through some issues at his wife’s school.
HoeDown: Elementary aged student in Carolina Forest area dealing with tough times.
Bluegrass: Pastor in Kentucky has a brother undergoing heart surgery. Also, Bluegrass is moving into his new house.

2/3/18 – True North for those that have signed up
2/3/18 – Football inspired beat down since its Super Bowl weekend 7am@Warthog
3/17/18 – Swamp Fox Adventure Race – Talk to HoeDown for details on this
Ruck opportunities at Warthog on Wednesdays

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