916 lbs

916 lbs

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Billboard, Weedeater, Rousey, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

Freezing.  29.  Frost everywhere.  Including the cars.  #DefrostAlreadySoICanDriveWithoutPeekingOutThisTinyHole

Like most of the Carolinas apparently, we have a lot of PAX either down with the flu or other sickness or the M’s or 2.0s are and dad help is needed at home.  There have been a lot of sub-Q’s throughout the last few weeks and #HIM stepping up everywhere to cover their Brothers.  Since #BeachBells is Wolverine’s AO, we always defer to him as default Q unless he wants one of us to take it.  He had to forgo a Q Tuesday so I asked him yesterday if he was available for today, and he was not.  So, I took it.  I wanted to try something Bluegrass had posted in our Slack Channel a few weeks ago anyway.  I was also curious to know what I was subjecting the Subaru to every week, so I added it up.  916 lbs.  We didn’t use it all today, but it made it.  #PoorShocks

100 lb KB
2 x 80 lb KB
70 lb KB
60 lb KB
2 x 50 lb KB
2 x 40 lb KB
2 x 30 lb KB
2 x 20 lb KB
20 lb ruck plate
40 lb sandbag
46 lb sandbag
60 lb sandbag
80 lb sandbag

1 minute warning
Tunes Cranking
Disclaimer given

Grab a bell and Swing; loosen up; let’s get 6-8 rounds of swings in with increasing weights; 1 arm or 2 arm; mix it up

This was the complex movement thing that Bluegrass posted and we tried.  It’s brutal
Grab 2 bells of a weight you are comfortable with, or a sandbag
We will be rotating and each of us getting a turn on the 50’s
1 Abyss Merkin through the 2 bells or on sandbag
1 Deadlift from ground
1 2-arm Bent over row
Clean the weight(s) into a deep squat and then overhead press
Do this for 5 rounds without stopping
Holy smokes.  Heart rate up.  Check.  Swole.  Check.  Stripping clothes already cause we were sweating.  Check.
Very effective routine.  Thanks for the post Bluegrass!
We each did this entire circuit 5 times.  With the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and with a sandbag

YHC liked this routine when watching it and reading it, so I came up with my own.  I am sure I haven’t invented this but I did make it up for today!
Grab 1 KB – we would also do 5 rounds of this circuit increasing weight
1 Good morning
1 Goblet Squat
KB to right arm – 1 Thruster
Keep weight up and do a lunge with right leg
KB to left arm – 1 Thruster
Keep weight up and do a lunge with left leg
Dang – hard to walk now

Ok.  I was feeling all of this.  I think everyone was.
So to get a little “rest” I had us do Mary, and wanted to do things we have done in GORUCK events since these other 3 men are now ruckers!!!
Grab a KB.  Flutters in single cadence of pressing the KB – keep moving the feet in continuous flutters while pressing 25x
American Hammers with a KB x 25 IC (Billboard loves these so he counted)
25 BBSU OYO with the KB
20 KB to toe touches with feet extended up
This destroyed our abs.

Next, was Arms.  ALL arms.  For several reasons.  Huge arms are awesome.  Tattoos look better on huge arms.  M’s like huge arms.  We will all be sleeveless for the Dragon Boat, so we need Huge arms.
We would do arms on every single weight.
Alternate a bicep and tricep exercise.  8 reps each time
20 lb KB – concentration curls and kickbacks
30 lb KB – cross curls and 1 arm extensions
40 lb KB – curls and 2 arm extensions (as the weights got heavier, if you needed to do 2 arm curls or negatives, do em)
50 lb KB – curls and 2 arm extensions or skull crushers
60 and 70 and 80 and 100 – same, but other option of diamond merkin on KB given
We finished our arm circuit with Triple Crush – 2 men each had a 40 lb KB; 2 had sandbags – 8 triple crush with what you had
When done, switch to other type and do it again

We had 90 seconds left, so to finish strong, grab a KB and do 2 perfect Turkish Getups

Load all weight back into Subaru
This is a workout in itself

Count-O-Rama – 4
Prayer requests for Turn and Cough and family – loss of his Brother-in-law after a long battle with cancer
Prayer requests for girl going through hard time in CF
Prayer requests for PAX and M’s and marriages
Prayer requests for sick and injured PAX
Prayer requests unspoken

– Huge arms.  Enough said.  Come check us out and get huge.

– Be sure to check out our regional website. All local information is on that! The events page is getting filled up!!! Try to attend CSAUPS, 2ndF events, convergences, etc!!! So much more than a workout group!!
– Dragon Boat coming.  We have 1 full boat of 20 men.  Would love to have a 2nd.  Even if that one is mixed with 2.0’s, M’s.  Be in a different division but still AWESOME!




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