98…99…100….(FiA is watching)

98…99…100….(FiA is watching)

Workout Date:





Mudslide, Valvano, Bling, Bluegrass, Buford T., OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

High 70’s; sweatbox very soon after we started

Another Friday was here and another awesome day for Kettlebells.  On Tuesday, Wolverine told YHC I was to Q Friday.  No problem.  So I looked some stuff up and wrote a great #Weinke just to add some variety.  Well we had variety today!

First, YHC bought a new outdoor weatherproof speaker at Costco thanks to Early Bird (who was supposed to come check out KB’s and hear the speaker.  He was a no-show).  This worked great. We did have some commercial interference on Pandora, but we got that fixed up with Amazon Music.  The playlist is still a work in progress as music tastes vary, but we will get there.  Everyone should send me their 5 favorite songs/artists and we can make a #BeachBells playlist!

Second, Wolverine, Flash, and Billboard were not there.  What?!?!  Exactly.  High Interest was a SC, but he too was missing.

Third, Penelope was a HC but then didn’t show.  Exactly.

Fourth, since YHC thought there would be many more there, I asked Mudslide to bring all his toys.  He did.  Thank you Brother.  Added some great ideas!



So this is what we had to work with today:

2 x 20lb KB
2 x 30lb KB
2 x 40lb KB
2 x 50lb KB
1 x 80lb KB (YAY)
2 x 20lb dumbbells
2 x 25lb dumbbells
2 x 30lb dumbbells
2 x 40lb dumbbells
30 lb ruck plate
Olympic bar with 45’s, 25’s, and 10’s
Reverse lat machine thing
100 lb heavy bag (officially became a mandatory part of #BeachBells)

So……….after the 15 minutes of unloading and setting up…..we still had time for the 1 minute warning, and the Disclaimer.

Then we began.
We would start with 3 rounds x 5 reps of 2 exercises – alternate between them and GO HEAVY
– Swings
– Goblet Squats
We then went immediately to 3 rounds x 15 reps – Go lighter
If you need a break at any time, do deadlifts with the fully loaded Olympic Bar, or American Hammers with a 20

When this was done, everybody was feeling it, and we only just started!!!

So, getting creative, we did a cycle of 6 “recovery/rest” exercises for the 6 PAX
Do each of the exercises
AMRAP Deadlifts with the 205
AMRAP reverse lat pull ups
Farmers Walk the 80lb KB to far garbage can (about 40 yards) and switch hands and come back
Farmers Walk both 50lb KB’s to far garbage can and come back
Dummy carry the 100lb heavy bag on 1 shoulder to far garbage can and switch shoulders and come back
Overhead hold and walk the 30 lb ruck plate to far garbage can and back

Wow; this was intense and a nice “recovery”

We then went back to the 3 x 5, followed by the 3 x 15
– Bent Over Rows
– Shoulder Presses

Another round of the “recovery” exercises
This is when we decided to do 100 reps of everything (at least in counting out loud) since FiA came pretty close to us.  We can only assume they did this to check us out and admire the awesomeness that is #Beachbells and hear our tunes.  Either that, or to laugh at us.  Either way, we did 100 reps of everything, Ron Burgandy style.

We then went back to the 3 x 5, followed by the 3 x 15
– Curls
– Tricep extensions
We were also able to get creative here, switching between various curls and extensions on KB’s and dumbbells, and also using the Olympic bar to curl, and then lay on the heavy bag to give us space to do skull crushers.  15 curls followed immediately by 15 skull crushers – BRUTAL!

It was during this round that FiA left.  YHC noticed that all of the PAX were conveniently doing HEAVY curls at this time.  I know Valvano was hoping he was asked the way to the beach….

So after 46 minutes of hard hard work, it was 6:01 and YHC asked if anybody wanted to keep going or wrap it up…since we figured it would take a while to load everything up.    We wrapped it up.  Every man was breathing heavy and pouring sweat.

We counted off, did some name-a-rama, and finished up with our COT and BOM by YHC.
Prayer requests for PAX and families traveling
Prayer requests for Handy and M and new arrival
Prayer requests upspoken

– Strong work today.  This was not an easy one.
– Everyone go to Kohls or TJ Maxx and get some tank tops!
– Remember – send me your favorite tunes (Valvano, I already have Britney Spears and NKOTB for you) so we can create a custom #BeachBells playlist
– Enjoyed it fellas!

– VQ tomorrow at #Warthog – Franklin
– Pelicans game August 5 at 7:05 PM.  2ndF event with M’s and 2.0s.  Thanks to Lombardi for setting this up.  Check Event page on our awesome new website – F3GrandStrand.com and sign up!
– Keep shooting to get those local patches…we have given a lot to Guest Q’s!!  Earn your local one!



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