A Lake Murray Pax Rolls in to Warthog

A Lake Murray Pax Rolls in to Warthog

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Lombardi, Pluff Mud (R), Weed Eater, High Interest, Heisenburg (R), Penelope, Mudslide, Bling, Kenwood, Terrance Harriet (FNG), Franklin, Old Bay, Ralph Lauren, Geno, MIB

The Thang:

15 pax rolled into the soggy gloom at Warthog to receive a proper beat down. Lucky for them I packed my #smokeboots while on vacation. It has pretty much rained off and on all week but was not raining at go time. During warmups our FNG this morning rolled in a few minutes late and in my head got named right then…until the pax heard his most embarrassing moment. Wait for it.

Conditions: A soupy 72°




IW X 20 IC

WM X 15 IC

Merkin X 10 IC

The Thang:

Mosey to entrance of bridge

20 squats

15 Merkins

10 Lunges (2 ct)

Run across bridge & back

SSH on the 6

20 Jumping Spiders (crowd Pleaser) Especially for the 240 lbrs

15 Monkey Humpers

10 Low plank Jacks

Bridge run

6″ on the 6

20 Groiners

15 V-Ups

10 Flutters (4ct)

Bridge run

Plank on the 6

20 Burpees

15 Mtn. Climbers (4ct)

10 Hill Billies

Bridge run

LBC’s on the 6

Round 2

Same exercises doing 15-10-5 reps

Round 3

Do first 2 exercises in each set. 10 & 5 reps

Mosey to shovel flag

American Hammer X 20 IC

Ray Charles X 20 IC

Burt Reynolds X 15 IC (Right side)

Out of time




FNG Terrance Harriet-38 Born and raised in Myrtle Beach, schooled @ CCU, Married w/ 2 daughters 8 & 5, works with 2 clowns (other pax present) @ CCNB. YHC asked about his most embarrassing moment ( a staple in naming FNG’s @F3LakeMurray). In a HS football game he missed the fact that the offense punted the ball, he picked it up & obviously didnt have his head on a swivel. He was blown up. Surely a disappointment for his coach & himself. Welcome FNG Blindside!


It was a pleasure leading the pax this morning and I will be back. I wanted to come “earn a patch”. Thanks for the hospitality, great group of men & AO.


Saturday @ Warthog  Cycling-wheels up @ 6:00am sharp

Bootcamp -7:00am

Bombsquad is closed for bootcamp on Saturday

Grandstand original trident shirt orders are live on Twitter & website today. Get with Lombardi to order yours. Doing one big order.


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